Tyer Acoustics Monitors and SET amp, how are they?

I am looking for the owners of Tyler Acoustics Monitor (either Taylo or Linbrook) that are using them with a low power SET amp (4-8 W). Could you please let me know if it will work and how is the set up doing?

I know that by the number 88 dB (89 db for Linbrook at 1W equiv to 8 ohm)is not that much for 8W power, but would like to hear a first hand experience from the owners. Also as the one who uses a 8W SET amp to drive a maggies 1.6, I probably wouldn't have much problem with the SPL.


Ty unabashedly prefers solid state amps with lots of power. So his speakers are voiced that way. 30 watts Superamp triode per channel push-pull amp does ok on the monitors. The Rogue 88 did better with 60 watts ultralinear.
I don't believe this is enough power. I have Taylo REF II's and they require lots of power. I am upgrading my KRELL KMA-100 MK2's to go with something with more power as they these class A 100 Watts amps are barely enough to get a decent SPL .. I like my music somewhat loud but even so I can't imagine 8 watts being able to drive just the top cabinets of my ref 2's. My setup is SF SFP-1 in MM mode(32 db) with Grado Sonata cartridge and AR LS-15 pre with the KRELL amps. If I switched the SFP-1 for something with more gain or ran the SFP-1 in MC mode(52db) then I may not need new amps...but hey my upgrading continues as per usual.
I've been using my 300b 8w monoblocks on the Linnbrook monitors and they sound wonderful!
Not as loud as I'd like to go on rock or BIG symphony music, but for jazz, etc they play plenty loud. And my room is 15' x 24'.
If you are located close to Memphis (or far and you're willing to get here!) you're welcome to come by for a listen.
Happy Listening
The Linbrooks are more efficient at around 92 db (4 ohm). I currently have 2 pair of the Taylo reference monitors in my home using Cary 40w tubes with one set.

Works great but I don't listen to AC/DC anymore(90% Jazz) so I can't tell you about SPL's in this setup. I would say that the Linbrooks would be the better choice of the two and the Taylo's would probably not be satisfactory in the setup you are attempting. They will sound fine but they won't perform the way they were meant to, but I am totally sold on Ty and his products.

In my second system I use Cary CD/Cary SLI 80 Int. Amp, my other system is Cary CD/Levinson. One is sweet, the other can be rather garish in an incredible way. Tyler Acoustics is the best value out there. Period. Are you currently "tubed" or just thinking about sticking your toe in the water. If you are going all the way toward that Set tube magic thing, consider picking up some Cary 805c's that have been tubed with WE 300b's....awesome, but good used examples will still run $4500/pair.

Best wishes and good luck on your setup!