TX audio stores in Austin or San Antonio?

In Austin for 5 days then San Antonio for 2. Any high end audio stores worth visiting? Guitar or CD stores too? Looking for a tube integrated.
I don't live in TX but have bought online from galen carrol audio in San Antonio - here's a link to his website https://www.gcaudio.com/products/category/amplifier-integrated/

I'm pretty sure you need an appointment for Ne Plus, but you may want to check.

Audio Systems has been around for a very long time, carries (carried??) AR, Prima Luna, other tube integrated lines.

Whetstone carries Line Magnetic, Leben, and other lines

The Sound Gallery most likely will not have what you are looking for but a cool place to check out vintage gear

Galen Carol in SA is worth checking out, but you should call him first. His shop is his home (or at least it is a house in a neighborhood, I assume it doubles as his home).
I've been to Galen's house/showroom. You do need an appointment. 
I would go to Rythmik Audio in Austin and listen to their great subs.
Never visited but have had a very good experience buying from Galen. 
I moved to Austin full time this past year, after several years of shuttling back and forth between NY and Austin. Frankly, at least compared to NY metro, high end retail here is fairly limited. There are a few good record stores, including the used bins at Waterloo if you hit it during the week, before they get picked over; End of an Ear and a couple of others.
The live music scene is very vibrant, as you probably know. You might want to check out the Continental Club on South Congress- Redd Volkaert is a regular there.
At C-Boys, a few blocks south, you can usually find the Mike Flanigin Trio featuring Jimmie Vaughan.
Another "Red" is Red Young, a monster B-3 player who is usually around, and if you look in the Chronicle, you’ll see who is playing where. Lot’s of venues right in town, though "dirty 6th"-- the strip near the Driscoll Hotel is more a college bar scene. Some friends own the Empire Control Room, which is a pretty serious venue for a range of music, from psych to hip-hop and everything in between.
We were at the "new" Antone’s last week to hear Billy Gibbons-- nice club.
Check out some of the eats.There’s some great food here- just avoid the weekend lines at the trendy places. Where are you coming in from?
Honolulu origin then Philly/Wilmington for holidays. Flew into few the drive down.
Thx for the responses. Looks like something should work.
Whart, you left out The Cornell Hurd Band! Hurd's a great songwriter (Junior Brown has recorded a song of Cornell's) and bandleader, and always has great players on stage with him when he appears in Austin (he lives in Dripping Springs, just outside of town). His style is in the Asleep At The Wheel mold, with a little Dan Hicks thrown in. A great entertainer, very quick witted and amusing!

Another +vote for Galen Carol and Ne Plus Ultra.

Enjoy your audio journey visiting these excellent businesses.

Post your thoughts/impressions of each operation.

Happy Listening!

@bdp24 -thanks for reminding me-- I will seek him out this year. New Year's resolution. :)
Yes, Galen Carol operates from his personal residence. 
Happy Listening!