Two very pleasant conversations

Today presented an opportunity for me to speak with two engaging, informative, and generous gentleman in the industry. One by chance, one by choice. I called Atma-sphere to ask about the history of a pair of their 20 year old mono blocs currently available here. The gentleman who took the call was gracious with his time and passionate about how music is recreated by their products; knowing I am not an owner but anxious to become one of a decades old pair. I was so taken by him and wanted to be able to speak with him in the future, so asked his name. "Ralph." Yup, that Ralph.
Next up, a call to Stuart Jones of Chapman Audio. I am second, and not soon to become previous, owner of custom T77's that are a prototype for the T9. Again, generous with his time, patient with my questions, exuding pride in the music his speakers create and looking forward to upcoming consumer shows. Stuart and Ralph are fine, decent men who offer exceptionally musical instruments to my ears. One by memory, one by main rig. I had a memorable chance hearing of Stuart's speakers over two decades ago. Almost five years ago, a pair landed in my room. They exceed my romantized memory-and that was with younger ears. Over two decades ago, I had a similarly enlightening first and only hearing of an Atma-sphere amp. Unforgettable. I thought today might be the day that aligned the planets to bring one home. While both thought it sounded like a great value and under different circumstances a probable enchanting match, my room squashed the deal. I need more horsepower. It's abnormally large. Although the dream match was not to be, the day was saved by knowledge gained and my interest in audio rekindled. Enough so that I'm wondering if I can hold out for Denver or should I try to get to Newport, it's sooner but less convenient. One of the things I want to do is approach these two men, shake their hands and tell them I appreciate who they are and what they do. These are guys, and their products, worth looking for and listening to.
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Wideload- Never have interacted w Mr. Chapman or even heard his speakers, but Ralph Karsten is definitely one of the real good guys in this business; your experience w him is not unusual and his amps are extraordinary. I've never been to Newport, but RMAF is a great time and you will get an opportunity to listen to great gear and talk to some really fine, passionate, generous people. Highly recommended.
Thanks Swampwalker. I'm leaning toward RMAF. If you go, give Chapman speakers a listen. I've owned the T77's longer than any other in 30 years. Had a couple guys over recently. One has B&W 801's the other Maggie 3.7s. Neither was very happy after hearing the T77's. The company is a below the radar gem.