Two versions of Audio Aero Prima 24/192 cdp?

Are there two versions of the Prima 24/192 cdp? If so, can anyone describe the differences? Also, what would be considered a reasonable price for either unit? Thanks.
if I remember correctly soundstage has reviews available online of both versions.
you don't want the first. email me on the side and I'll give you the guy I purchased mine from. Great prices, honest, audio savvy and patient. You'll wait a very long time for a used Prima. Only seen one the past year or so. you're gonna love this baby. peace, warren
I'm not absolute about this, but I believe the first version of the Prima had volume control. They ditched that for the second version and it is supposed to be far superior in fidelity than the volume control version. I can second Warrenh's enthusiasm for this player. You won't believe how good a sub 2k player can be. I've been comparing the Prima at 2200 to the Bel Canto PL 1 at 9500. The Prima to my ear is better. The Bel Canto is a universal player so it also plays other formats, but as far as regular CD goes the Prima is one giant killer of a CD player.
Ryan, you're right on that. The review and info on this, as stated before can be found online: That's for the audiophools emailing me on the side, asking me about the first version. I don't have a clue, but given the press, I don't think you would have a problem deciding which one to go with. Ryan, or any other Prima audiophools, or just plain ole 'phools who know: anyone ever have their Prima moded. Steve Huntley over at Great Northern Sound does some serious modifications ( they sound serious) to the Prima. Cost is $1600. The idea of the sound of my Prima improving gives, me the chills. Anybody have experience with this, or no of anyone? Steve is going to get back to me with more information which I will certainly share with you guys, for feedback. It sounds exciting, and given the price, perhaps the most cost effective way to improve the sound of my front end. peace, warren
They also added Balanced(XLR) outputs to the second version. I love mine and for the price it is very hard to beat, if not impossible. Maybe a used BAT VKD5SE would be another alternative as well, which is a player I have always wanted to try in my system.