Two turntable setup ideas to go with an SPU cart

Both complete setups would end up to be in the 10-11K range after arm/cart. Dr Feickert Woodpecker w/one of the Ortofon 12" arms, like the 210 or 309. Second option is the Luxman PD171. The Lux comes standard w/ the most basic Jelco 9" arm, I believe it's the SA250. However, the Lux will be available mid-year in a table only version. This will allow the option for a higher model 9" Jelco, or a 9" Ortofon 212. Both tables retail for around $6500. Lastly, the Lux does not take 12" arms, while of course the Woodpecker does.
With that budget you could consider a Audio Grail rebuilt Garrard 401 in a top notch plinth with a 12" Jelco.
Sorry to hijack the thread. Are you recommending a Jelco 12" over the Ortofon 309 D 12" sonically or is it a cost issue ? Curious.
It's your money, but I don't see the need to spend anywhere near $10-$11K for a platform for the Ortofon SPU cartridges.

The Garrard 401 is a great turntable for this cartridge, as is the 301 and TD-124. But you could also use a TD-121 if you were going to only play 33RPM LPs, and if you found one in good condition.

Frankly, I wouldn't worry as much about the turntable as the tonearm. Any of the current Ortofon arms will work very well with the SPU line, as will most of the classic Ortofon arms. If you can use a 9" arm and like the look, the classic RM-309 is a great tonearm - again, if you find one in good condition.

The Jelcos are also excellent tonearms, especially for the price. But they just don't do it for me mated to very low compliance cartridges like the SPUs and the Denon DL-103 family. IMO the tonearm offering the most bang for the buck for use with the SPU family (and little else) is the Thomas Schick G arm - 12" only.

*Disclaimer - I am an Ortofon and Jelco dealer*
Thanks- A Garrard 401 or 301 is something I have often thought about, but not been 100% comfortable with. That's why I am thinking new production, with the ability to go SPU. Is a 12" arm thought of as clearly being superior to a 9"?
Sunnyboy, mostly on cost. The Jelco 750 is very capable for the money and on a good deck works very well. The Ortofon would push the price up a lot. Fjn04, That is why I recommended the Audio Grail version. You will have no technical issues with a 401. THE 12 inch tracks better.
However I wouldn't get too hung up on the 12 versus 9 inch choice.