Two tube amps for your consideration please

I am looking at two tube amps for purchase that will be for music only. Pre-pro will be a Denon 988 AVR with a Sony CD 200 CD changer in then pre out to tube amp. I have dedicated 1 of the channels on the AVR for this.
Speakers are B&W 805s.
For consideration is:
Jolida 502a 350.00
Yaqin VK-2100 300.00
Your thoughts are appreciated.
Signal path will be the CD via optical to the AVR (to take advantage of the superior Burr Brown DACs in the AVR) then pre-out to the tube amp then to the speakers.
Look at the Cary 120s
Get real Macdadtexas. If you have money to burn great! I am on a SOC budget! Thats why I asked the question I did. Thanks for no help at all!
mc275 is a great tube amp
Sorry I didn't realize the numbers next to the amps were dollar amounts, I certainly didn't mean to insult you in any way.


Your suggestion definitely won't work either; see the comment to my suggestion. You along with myself are a useless and idiotic waste of carbon material.
This can't be real. MacdadTexas has just offended OldTexasDog???
You guys just made my day! I only wish we had a thread-of-the-month, or something like that. This would be a definite contender!
OTD, the Jolida product is generally an overachiever.
Would a Jolida 302B be a better choice? I know a fool and their money soon part and I am on a limited budget as I am retired, but I do like my music! 800.00 max, and that much would hurt!:) Your right Macdadtexas we will all be nothing but carbon and silicate ripe for the manufacturing of Chinese tubes one day and all of this will be somebody elses problem to figure out or sell.
Your are very rude to people that were just trying to help! I doubt you will get much help from the Audiogone community because of that.
Oldtexasdog, I would go for the Jolida. You will be happy, trust me on this. Not only do they have good support, but they have very worthy products from a price vs. performance stance...and quality/looks perspective.
No rudness intended. I realy do appreciate quality advice such as Vandermeulen and others. I always try to look at someones question with an understanding that the equipment in review usually represents their budget.As for most there is always something out there thats more expensive and better quality but alas not withen all of our reach. When I auditioned speakers for 6 months I learned quickly to only listen to those in my budget, as the others just spoiled my ears and left me depressed with what I could afford.:)
Once again no offence or rudness intended to anyone.
take a look at Glow Audio offerings as well though I think they are slightly higher in price

Old... dog

Can you see well enough to solder? There are kits that have a big folowing which could elevate your means.

Just exposing alternatives here as I suspect adding an amp under $400 isn't a big step up for your system as it satnds... but a DIY one for that amount or not much more might well be as their is a good amount of the preice in amps devoted to the labor aspect...

I saw some recently and felt for the $$$ they were a great idea to those who want to make their own, or simply are fixed by their means.

Then too is the thought of moving up later on and then waht to do with the inexpensive amp bought now? recouing it's cost could be problematic.

Again just thinking aloud.

I have an old Yamaha M-60
cayin 100
Thanks Jrinkerptdnet
I will check them out.
Thanks Blindjim
Do you happen to know of a good source for the kits you speak of? Good advice on the amps. I just got my new specs and they work real good:)Bifocal and all!
The Jolida integrated amps are unique in that the volume control on their integrated amps are passive. You can easily use it as a power amp, feeding it from the preamp output of your Denon pre/pro. Just by turning the volume control all the way clockwise will remove this pot from the amplifier circuit. Hope this helps you.
As far as your question of the 502 vs. 302:
The 302 uses EL34 tubes and has the gorgeous midrange magic these tubes are known for.
The 502 uses 6550 which is more dynamic w/ a bit tighter control, but you will loose the magical lushness.
I had the 302 in a 2 channel HT system, from Jolida's owner, Mike's recommendation. There was a 3D human quality to music and movies that will simply stunning. As far as HT as you will use it dialogue in movies was absolutely inteligable at any volume level and music in movies was like being at a concert., and sound effect surounded you w/o 5.1. It was amazing!
I think the BADA 222 is amazingly good for the money. Will fit your budget too. (Just). I bought one to replace a $4000 amplifier while it was being repaired and frankly, I like the BADA more. And it does have tubes if that matters.
Thanks for that info Chayro. I looked it up and it is in my price range and the reviews look good also. It looks like a pre-pro? can I run my pre outs from the Denon to it then the BADA to the speakers?
Thank you Mjcmt that is some spot on good information on the 302.
Unfortunatly the BADA222 integrated will not work as just an amp per contact with their rep.:(
Oldtexasdog, how large is your room and how loud do you like to listen to music? Also, what type of music do you most listen to? That should give us an idea of how much power you actually need.

Offhand, knowing nothing of your musical preferences and volume requirements, along with your $300-800 price limit, I suggest:
1) VTL ST-85 - here
2) Rogue Audio Atlas
3) Rogue Audio Magnum Eighty Eight
40 Or, if you can get by with less power(~35-40wpc) one of the many upgraded/modified classic Dynaco ST-70 amps in the ~$600 range
15X24 with 8'acustic cellings and carpet with the listening on the long axes at 20'. I don't play that load anymore but load enough to hear in another room if I'm cooking:)2 100w power subs in each corner
I like all kinds of music but I play Blues,jazz, and country rock the most. I have 2 100w subs in each corner for bass management.
I'd give some consideration to Darkmoebius's suggestion about the Rogu Atlas amp. I have the Rogue Cronus integrated amp as the backbone of my system, and it is indeed a wonderful amplifier. The Atlas shares the same guts as the Cronus, and it has been very well reviewed (do a Google Search) by several audio journals.
I'd give some consideration to Darkmoebius's suggestion about the Rogue Atlas amp. I have the Rogue Cronus integrated amp as the backbone of my system, and it is indeed a wonderful amplifier. The Atlas shares the same guts as the Cronus, and it has been very well reviewed (do a Google Search) by several audio journals. Good Luck, and Happy Listening.
Thanks Folks I will look into the Atlas. I never heard of it before but that meens nothing:)
I just did a Google search for “DIY audio amplifiers”, Did some other’s as well but most of these links appeared in the first search.

There was or is a maker of finish it or built up as much as you wish that was popular and presented a great value … although I can no longer recall the whole name… I believe it began with “Van…” as in German, Swiss, austrian, etc. They are a USA enterprise though.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

So try these if you aim to get the most out of your investment budget…. Or wait a while longer, save some more and do better then.

Thanks for your effort. I will do a lot of reading here!
Also consider the Jolida 801A. About the same cost and can use 6550's or KT-88's. It also has great upgrade potential.
I'd ask myself, what am I really trying to get out of this tube power amp? I don't believe that with the line up of hardware that you currently have, that surrounding any tube amp at the price point that you are comfortable with is gonna do much for you. I'd start with your cd player and pick up a Rotel 990 or 991, ....$400 bucks tops, then a good old solid state power amp, B&K 442 comes to mind, $450..... and then finally a Luxman C1000 or C 1010 Pre....... $400. When you hook up a system such as this you will get warmth and detail that you have never thought possible for the price point of 12 maybe 13 hundred bucks. It will be interesting to hear the progression of sound as you grow that system. Use the rest of your items for that surround sound system.
Any one of these items is gonna help you a lot. I'm all for tube power amps but buy one when the bucks are more plentiful.
Old texas dog,

I commented earlier on your request for Jolida 502/302 comparison. I see you are taking requests on other brands. One of the best deals out there is from a "Made in the USA" company. Cary Audio Design from NC has a budget line designed and made in the good ol' USA. Audio Electronics is made in the same facility w/ much of the same design and parts as their high end Cary line.

I have the Super Amp Mk II and it is a stunning performer and should be on your short list for consideration. Excellent build, superb customer service, and that Cary sound. I've had 3 of their products and the new Superamp is amazing. It comes stock w/ EL34 but you can roll KT66, KT77, KT88, KT90, 6550 and others w/o changing any bias resistors. They will ship it direct from their factory to your door w/o a middle man too. Yes they will be glad to take your phone calls too. Now that is service.∏_num=superamp_mk2