Two systems; One amp one set of speakers

This may be a little far out but is it possible to run two systems through one amp and one set of front main speakers. I have a home theatre system but enjoy my stereo the most. I have a denon avr 5600 running pre out front rt and lft to an Aragon 4004 and connected to ML Requests. would it be possible to run,a Y connecter off the rt and lft inputs on the Aragon and connect the preouts from the Denon and pre outs from the DACpre to the Aragon? Is this possible and if so what should I look for as far as sound degredation and potential problems? If this is not possible, is there a way to do this? Thanks
Yo,musicnut,I loved your closing sentence" If this is not possible,is there a way to do it"-my kind of guy.I presume you want to use the fronts only as your 2 ch. music playback?? Yes,all this is possible.You are close. If the back is easy to get to use interconnects from pre out for 2 ch. music .Then a seprate set of speaker wires for home theater ss.---You have the extra set of speaker wires.they are not connected for 2 ch.Then for ss, hook them to speaker at one end and into the reciever at the other end.Naturally un plug the interconnect from pre out.Make sure your Aragon is turned off also.So for HT you are using the amp from the reciever to drive your fronts.For 2 ch you are using your Arogon.Clear as mud??Not sure but I think there is a tape loop device also that you can purchase.STAY AWAY from the Y connectors.Have banana pins on the speaker wire ends,and it will go faster.Stand alone processors with seprate amps make this very simple,but what I explained will work.The extra set of speaker wires w/ banana ends will do the job cheapy enough.
Damn, George, I've been trying to do that for a long time (on paper, at least) I never thought of 2 runs of speaker cable!!!! GREAT IDEA.
George thanks a lot for the info. I think I have it however I am curently running bi wires from the Aragon. Do I just run bi wires also from the Denon? also the MLs are only set up for spade lugs or bare wires. Can I run spade lugs from the Aragon and bare wires from the Denon and I asume I connect these to the same binding posts on the MLs. This is kind of muddy also but I think you will know what I mean? Thanks again Gary (musicnut)
George, I obviously didnt look at my MLs they of cource will take bannana plugs. My question still remains as to bi wires. thanks Gary
I wanted to do the same thing you want -- separate HT and music front ends with same amp/speakers. I selected a Krell preamp that has a pass-through for HT front channels. So my system for music is CD/phono to Krell preamp to amp to speakers. My HT system is DVD to processor to Krell (pass-through) to amp to speakers. Bliss!
No offense, George, but I would never recommend doing what you've suggested. One lapse in memory (or one well-intentioned spouse forgetting to unplug something), and you're looking at potentially $eriou$ damage to your equipment. Also, the constant plugging in and unplugging is just additional wear and tear on your gear. My setup is just as Neils mentioned above. Works great, but it entails buying a separate preamp. Musicnut, what's wrong with your system the way it is now? The fact that your center and surrounds are "powered up" while listening to music shouldn't be a problem if no signals are being sent to those channels. My advice would be to do what Neils and I are doing or leave it alone.
None taken, Macm.Advice here is free.I just figured Gary didn't want to spend more $$$right now.Heck if the receiver and the amp are close enough together; and bananas are used;no extra speaker wire ;quick & simple. Not to mention if the receiver doesn't have"front out" rca's,(not to be confused w/ pre out) a separate pre ain't gonna help any way for home theater.I know some people need to see and read "not to be taken internally" on the label of the drano can.I didn't figure Gary was in that category.It may be crowded on the back of the rec. bi wireing could be challenging.