Two systems in the same room


Could somebody share with me his experiences with setting two systems in the same dedicated room, one across another. I'm having a thought about setting a system more oriented on rock, and one more oriented for vocals, soul and jazz, but am not certain would the two systems interfere. I have noticed that most people avoid it but the reasons are unclear to me, pardon my ignorance. Thank you very much in advance.
You will get some interactions between the speakers in use and the ones not in use (sympathetic vibration). it is also difficult in terms of room acoustics.
Here is a thought. First I assume you can afford speakers which will accomodate both types equally well.

Just set up a second set of electronics for the same speakers - one tube based for vocals, soul, and jazz, the other SS based for rock, etc. Have two runs of cables to the speakers with banana plugs so you can connect either system in about 5 seconds.

Works for me (I actually have three different set ups and one set of speakers.)
We've had to do this for some of our dealers. There are definitely tricks to help, one is a tapestry that can be hung out in front of the system not in use, but there are other things in terms of directing sound energy that can reduce the interaction between the two.
Save your money on 2 systems and make one good system. Its the quality of the rock recordings that have you thinking that you need 2 systems. Spend quality money on one and you will never think twice. Add a sub to the system and adjust it when you need the extra kick for the rock recordings. The accuracy is what turns you off about the rock recordings but also clicks for the classical,jazz and vocals. Alcohol helps too.
Well... I've done this for a couple of years now and I don't feel I've had any big down sides. I just throw a blanket over the speakers I'm not using and that seems to solve the problem. At various points I've had just the Maggie's in the room and I didn't notice any difference. Although I do have the room optimized to work best for the Maggie’s. And as for the Meadowlarks I listen in the near field so room interactions have not been a big issue. I suppose at some point I will lose the second system and upgrade my electronics but for right now it works. Just my 2 cents...
We did this for a while, and it worked great. SET amps with horns for one system, and a hybrid integrated with box speakers for the second system. Both ran from a single source that had two sets of outputs. There are very few systems IMO that can effectively cover the entire musical spectrum while at the same time remaining true to the sound you prefer. Most are compromises, one way or another. Maybe a system sounds full enough for rock, but is not quite intimate enough for jazz. Maybe it sounds seductive on chamber orchestra, but gets compressed when the music becomes more complex. If two systems allows you to eliminate the compromise, why not? On the other hand, if you opt for a pair of speakers that can cover it all to your liking, then just swap amps depending upon your mood. So...what's yer budget???
I have 6 sets of speakers in one large room, 2 separate systems: Analog LP and a home theatre.. I cannot distinguish any downside to the sound of the active playing loudspeakers being interacted upon by the inactive ones sitting there.. What interactions should I be hearing?
I also have a 7.1 Canton HT setup and a pair of B&W 805s in the same room. no problems.
The Cantons are all on/next to the walls and the B&W out into the room a few feet.
Thanks everybody. I currently have an old setup of Krell 400xi integrated SS amp and Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors that don't do it really well for rock. I was thinking of going in to purchase of some stronger speakers and some tube gear (since I never had any, I would like to try) and my budget is around 10000$, and then try to mesh the Cremonas to tubes and Krell to the new speakers. I would by it second hand, since that way I think I can get more for the money. What do you think.
If you're happy with the presentation on jazz with the components you have, I might suggest that you move to a higher end integrated, or a tube preamp/SS (or hybrid) amp, & a pair of speakers that will do rock well: Von Schweikert, Tyler, Silverline, Reimer, etc. If you sold your current amp & speakers, and applied them to your budget, I think you will get more for your money. I don't want to talk you out of two systems, but if you are happy with the Krell on jazz music, a really good tube pre/SS amp set up will cover the full range.

Just my two cents...
Boa2 thanks, I will probably do as you suggested but now I have to check up on dealers in my area.
i have 2 sets of speakers side by side ( Merlins EXL-4 & Merlin VSM m) on one system for the past couple of months, so far no problem. two different sounds on one system.