Two subwoofers for two channel music listening

Hi all , 
How do you hook up two active subwoofers? I have two SVS 1000 series subwoofers with both high level (speaker) and line level (RCA) ins.

Method one - Lets say the subs have high/speaker level inputs. So do you hook up the left sub from the left amplifier out and similarly right speaker out from the amp to right sub high level in? This set up is just like the stereo pair of speakers.

Method two - The alternate is from a preamp hook up the RCA line in of one subwoofer then daisy chain i.e. RCA out from the first sub to the RCA in of the second subwoofer. Not using a Y splitter from the preamp. Trying to use both red and white RCA from preamp to red and white RCA in of the first sub.

Which method do you prefer? Any benefit or disadvantage of one over the other? Thanks for your comments and inputs.
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The only proper way to hook up subwoofers is with a dedicated two way subwoofer crossover preferably digital. The preamp outputs go to the crossover which will have dedicated main amp and sub amp outputs all line level. This rolls off the main speakers improving integration and lowering distortion in the main speakers.
I've had the best results using an external crossover as well. Back in my home theater days I purchased an Outlaw ICBM-1 for bass management in the analog domain, including integration of 2 subs. I kept only the ICBM-1 when I went back to 2-channel. It's been in/out of my systems for years and I still find it to be quite transparent and incredibly handy. OP .. these can still be found used on ebay in the $200-$250 range. Here's a review from back in the day if you'd like to know more about it.

Each method will work but the first one would be prferable to me because the pre amp method would strongly depend on the features of the pre amp and the first method the features are usually on the sub like volume level and phase.
Designers at REL say to use the speaker output from your amplifier with your speakers hooked up to the same jack if you only have one set of outputs.

To make it easier for your amp, and for your mains: go preamp line out to self-powered sub.

then sub sends everything but low bass to the amp

then amp to mains.

amp does not have to amplify low bass signals (they are the biggest power need).

mains do not try to make low bass, also the hardest to do. this lets them do an easier and cleaner job of highs, mids, upper bass.

this allows a less powerful amp to be used, and that especially makes it easier to try tubes.

smaller amp = less: money; size; weight; heat. = more placement options.
Bass is STEREO, place front firing subs adjacent to mains, to achieve bass imaging.

It is not just the bass fundamentals, also the overtones that give localization.

The bulk of what you get (except organs/1812) will not be super low bass, A great deal of what you listen to will have low bass, discernable locations. Presumably you mains do not handle low bass as well as you would like.

I have two very powerful 15" in my speakers, you could think of them as subs. They definitely produce stereo bass.

I listen to a lot of Jazz trios, quartets, even bigger groups, with nice imaging of bass players.

IF piano is off center, and IF recorded/mixed properly, low notes are definitely discernable by location.

Yes, organ is Mono, but many other instruments locations are discernable

not complete, but a quickie find showing which (not that many) instruments get way down there into the 'mono bass' range