Two Stereo Amps to Krell Preamp?


I have two pairs of speakers I use in a two channel setup. I like to switch between the two depending on music choice. I'd love to pick up a Krell KRC HR but I see that the unit only has one set of Preamp out connections. My amps are RCA, BTW. Not balanced. My question is ... Did Krell make something to enable you to hook up two stereo amplifiers with a speaker selection switch to a single preamp at some point? If not, is there something that can be recommended to accomplish this or is it simply not a possibility? I really don't want to go to a processor unit at this time. I would really prefer just a simple stereo preamp. All help is appreciated. Thanks!
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Let me run another scenario by ... Say I wanted to run both pairs of speakers simultaneously with two stereo amplifiers. That would simply require Y adapters off of the single set of krell KRC preamp outs????

At 1.7 ohms unbalanced output impedance the Krell KRC HR will have no trouble driving two stereo poweramps using a pair of these.

Cheers George
I agree with George's response, of course.

Also, if you want to be able to listen to a single pair of speakers while having both amplifiers powered up, you could put a line-level switchbox between the preamp and the amps. A good choice would be the DBP-2JAU/5 ($110) made by DB Systems, as listed on this page. (See the "photo" and "review" links just above the listing of that model number). At a higher price point ($349), you could also consider the Decware ZSB.

Finally, in addition to the y-adapter George cited you may want to consider this one, which costs a bit more but comes from an "audiophile approved" manufacturer :-)

-- Al
Thanks! That great information!