Two speakers one amp?

I have a pair of Prima Luna Prolog 7 Mono block power amps with 2/4/8 ohms plugs 70W each.
I have a pair of Vienna Accoustic Mozart Grand SE Speakers rated 4 ohms
I have a pair of KEF LS 50 Speakers rated 4-8 ohms
I am wondering if I can attach both pairs of speakers to my amps at the same time.
I really like both speakers for different reasons (they are similar but different)
but I would love to hear them both running side by side? as an experiment, but I do not want to damage my amp or speakers.
I understand its more complicated with differing impedance factors etc?
But I am not a technician so most of what I have read I do not really understand, If someone can please explain:
1. if its possible? (without causing any damage)
2. The correct connections from amp to speakers,
3. the technical aspects of this connection, in very simple terms.
Many thanks in advance for any advice offered.
First, I doubt that will result in acceptable sonics, in part because you will have the same sounds arriving at your ears at two different times, resulting in what are called Comb Filtering Effects.

But yes, that can be done without causing damage, as long as you don't turn the volume up high enough to cause obvious distortion on musical peaks. That would be a sign of amplifier "clipping," which can damage the tweeters in the speakers.

Based on the impedance and sensitivity characteristics of the speakers, as shown here for the LS50 and here for the Mozard Grand SE, I suspect that the best connection arrangement would be to connect the + terminal of the Mozart Grand to the 2 ohm tap, and the + terminal of the LS50 to the 4 ohm tap, with the - terminals of both speakers going to the 0 ohm/common terminal. Although it would also be reasonable to try both speakers connected to the 2 ohm tap.

It's also possible to connect the two speakers in series (amplifier + to speaker1 +, speaker1 - to speaker2 +, speaker 2 - to amplifier -). In that arrangement you would probably want to use the 8 ohm tap. However, a series connection will usually provide poor sonics if the speakers are not identical models, even if only one pair is within earshot, because the power each speaker receives at different frequencies will be affected in an arbitrary manner by the other speaker's variations of impedance as a function of frequency.

-- Al
Thank you Al, very interesting and helpful.
Hey Al,
I tried it and you are right, it was a fun experiment but it sounded muddy and weird, I am back to just the VA Mozart Grand SE, they are the best of the two choices.