Two Shelf Amp Stand?

Is there such thing as a two shelf amp stand for mono amps? I don't have the horizontal space for single stands but I have vertical space. Something that would net me even 3 inches would be great because I can add a fan behind it for more cooling.
A lot of amp stands can probably be stacked.
If you are looking for something inexpensive, look at VTL shelving. I know they can be stacked.

They can be found on DIY avenue.
Try Adona - They advertize here!
I have a 2 shelf Sistrum rack for my BAT mono amps and it works nicely and didn't cost an arm and a leg. Adjustable height is a plus as well.
Audioadvisor has been showing b stock stands for $49, original was 149. They look nice and are stackable. Only catch is 17" deep.
Thanks. That AudioAdvisor shelf is perfect.