Two Rel Stentors / one Rel Studio... question

Would two Stentors perform as one Studio? In both cases two 10" woofer would be employed. to a person not well informed like me on this matter would appear that they would sound very similar if all the conditions are the same including placement. What's your thoughts? Thanks
2 will always (my experience) sound better. And are easier to integrate into a room and should actually cause a smoother response than just one sub IMO
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If you're using the sub(s) for 2-channel, you should opt for two subs. If for home theater, one is fine.
Had a single Stentor III, what a quality unit. Dealer talked me into the single sub but I whish I had gone the 2 sub route with something down the product line for a little more cost.

Traded the Stentor in on Vandy 5As and later added a JL Fathum 113 for HT.

Point is, as already said above, 2 subs for 2 channel and 1 will due for HT. My setup is a bit different but I agree with that in my experience.

Would love to play with that Studio though...

just for curiosity, how do you compare you experience with stentor and the f113? Thank you for your replies.