Two quick questions about VMPS

1. Are they still in business? The web site seems not to have been updated since 1999.

2. What do you think of their subwoofers?

Thanks in advance!
Saw them at CES. They are very much alive and kickin'. Were displaying at the Alexis Park. Excellent sound from a new model. To my memory, their subwoofs are tight, clean, powerful and under-priced.

The good news is that the prices remain the same as 1999! You can call VMPS at the phone number listed at the web site.

(Their newest ribbon speaker, the RM-40, won the award for the best high end product at the CES show this month. That model is not listed on the web site.)
do a search for vmps on the a-gon forums search page... i've posted once or twice about my high regard for their subs. ;~) i think you'll have to spend 3 times or more retail, to put together a subwoofer system that will come close to a system based upon the vmps subs...

re: their other models, i am looking forward to auditioning a pair of the rm-40's at my dealer... i hope they're the same bargain, even purchased new, as the subs are! :>)

but, take my adwice w/a grain of salt - remember, i like analog software! ;~)

doug s.

Thanks for the help. I've heard good things but, y'know, so many of our brethren and sistren here on the 'gon think if it don't cost a fortune it can't be no dam' good.

I'll check out the old listings. Have also made arrangements to hear a VMPS sub next weekend and maybe to borrow it for a couple of weeks.

The sub I use with my HT system (Velodyne FRS-12) isn't up to the task and it is the one I've thought of replacing with the VMPS. For my music system (Mezzo Utopias) I've not used a sub in the past but have been thinking of adding something very dignified and controlled like a REL.

Your suggestions are more than welcome.

Hey, another thing that I appreciate about your posts (in addition to them being informative) is your sense of humor when folks disagree.

Thanks again.

will, i only had experience w/the rel strata - cheap by rel standards, but still more expensive than the spendiest vmps. i'd rather have *no* sub in a music system, that that one... i don't do h-t at all, & vmps is my choice for a music-only sub system. if i had $6k to burn, i might consider auditioning a pair of bag-end subs, w/the two 18" drivers per sub, combined w/their top-line elf integrator, & a couple nice amps... may be as good... ;~) ask brian cheney of vmps - he's quite forthright about what's good. on his website, he sez he'll even tell ya which subs to consider, if you're not interested in the vmps, but he also sez you should expect to pay at least $3200 each. :>)

regards, doug s.