Two questions about VPI peripheral ring

Guys, looking for answers to two quick questions for those of you who have the VPI center weight and peripheral ring.

1. Do you use the rubber piece around the spindle on the base of the platter or do you remove it with the center weight and peripheral ring?

2. With the peripheral ring, when I look closely, on some records the ring looks uneven and gyrates ever so slightly up and down when the platter is spinning. Is this a common thing with significantly warped records? It seems to do it more often than not, but on some records its straight as an arrow when the table spins. I'm sure its placed correctly on the record.

Thanks in advance for any info......
1. You don't need the center rubber piece when using the peripheral ring.

2. It is normal, don't worry about it.
I agree with the above. The washer is for the standard clamp. I find them to be a signifiant improvement over standard clamp and no ring. The TTweights ring is also good at a lower price, not so heavy so not as much effect on warps but an improvement. Their center weights are attractive and well made also.
If the outer ring seems to rise and fall while the record is playing, reposition it. I agree about the washer.
Thanks for responses. It seemed like the washer should be removed. Still my peripheral ring moves up and down some with repositioning. Seems like the platter is stable so it must be the record underneath the ring making it do that. A little unnerving, but if the general consensus is it is normal then I am breathing a bit easier.
I don't usually see the periphery ring moving up and down. A record would have to be severely warped to resist the weight of the ring.

The one time I DO see the ring move up and down is when I play some old records that are ever so slightly smaller in diameter. In this case the ring doesn't sit ON the lip of the record at all points of the circumference of the lp. I play these records without the clamp, because a) it probably does more harm than good sonically, and b) i don't want the ring to drop during playback. Some records are in fact small enough to not hold the ring at all. Usually old records.

Check the underside of the ring, too (where it makes contact with the record). Make sure there's not some substance on it that's causing the wobble.
Do you have the correct acrylic platter that is used with the peripheral ring clamp? Or is it the standard one without the cut away edge? I could not tell from your system pics.
I have the acrylic platter with cut away edge.