Two prongs power cable

My NAD Amplifier came with cheap, thin TWO PRONGS POWER CABLE.
Does anybody know who makes quality two prongs cords.
Thanks in advance
Just use standard three prong and ignore the ground wire connection.
NO high end A/C connectors have a two prong.
I seem to remember that one manufacturer - PS Audio, maybe? - has power cords that feature a removable ground pin (on the plug that connects to the wall socket). That way, you can use the cord with your 2-pin setup.
E or Signal will get you what you desire,good luck,Bob
Audio Tekne from Japan
Yes, the two prong power cords are known as a C7 connection. Most of those supplied with audio components are chintzy and of poor quality. I have purchased two C7 power cords, one Audioquest NRG-1.5 (6ft) and one PSAudio. One was for my Marantz Blu-ray DVD player and the other for a Marantz multi-channel SACD player. Both are great and I can not tell the difference that much. The PSAudio is their entry level power cord.
Is the connection a standard IEC type plug? Or is it the flat "figure 8" type. Ps Audio Does have a removable ground pin. Also Cardas makes a two prong with the "figure 8". Another option is to buy a length of bulk Audio Quest power cord and terminate your own. You might also check with the folks at and see if they have any trade-ins that you could buy for less. And I would think just about any power cord company would make up a special one for you. Cardas made one for me a few years back with 90 degree plug. There are quite a few options in high end power cords, also check with Audio Advisor.
I agree with Elizabeth - Just use a three prong cord. It won't hurt anything. A lot of audio gear only uses two prongs on the IEC - people just use a three prong cord anyway.

I already ordered PS Audio power cable with removable ground
Meridian uses 2 prong power plugs on some of their equipment (I think their highend)and there are others. If you are going to purchase 3 prong cords make sure the equipment also has 3 prongs other wise it ia a waste of time and could cause noise issues with RF interferance.
My issue has been not a three prong male end as the outlets are all three prong but some nad and cd players used a two prong iec outlet on the unit itself. Some three hole iec female end cords will not zu birth.I asked zu audio and they had nothing. Strange.