Two prongs power cable

My NAD Amplifier came with cheap, thin TWO PRONGS POWER CABLE.
Does anybody know who makes quality two prongs cords.
Thanks in advance
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I seem to remember that one manufacturer - PS Audio, maybe? - has power cords that feature a removable ground pin (on the plug that connects to the wall socket). That way, you can use the cord with your 2-pin setup.
Yes, the two prong power cords are known as a C7 connection. Most of those supplied with audio components are chintzy and of poor quality. I have purchased two C7 power cords, one Audioquest NRG-1.5 (6ft) and one PSAudio. One was for my Marantz Blu-ray DVD player and the other for a Marantz multi-channel SACD player. Both are great and I can not tell the difference that much. The PSAudio is their entry level power cord.
Is the connection a standard IEC type plug? Or is it the flat "figure 8" type. Ps Audio Does have a removable ground pin. Also Cardas makes a two prong with the "figure 8". Another option is to buy a length of bulk Audio Quest power cord and terminate your own. You might also check with the folks at and see if they have any trade-ins that you could buy for less. And I would think just about any power cord company would make up a special one for you. Cardas made one for me a few years back with 90 degree plug. There are quite a few options in high end power cords, also check with Audio Advisor.
I agree with Elizabeth - Just use a three prong cord. It won't hurt anything. A lot of audio gear only uses two prongs on the IEC - people just use a three prong cord anyway.

Meridian uses 2 prong power plugs on some of their equipment (I think their highend)and there are others. If you are going to purchase 3 prong cords make sure the equipment also has 3 prongs other wise it ia a waste of time and could cause noise issues with RF interferance.
My issue has been not a three prong male end as the outlets are all three prong but some nad and cd players used a two prong iec outlet on the unit itself. Some three hole iec female end cords will not zu birth.I asked zu audio and they had nothing. Strange.