two parasound 2200 mk2 or parasound 3500

im wondering what way to go i see i can get two 2200mk2s used for 1200.00 or so and a 3500 for 1300.00 or so .what would be the best all around
I'd go with the two 2200s, but then again I'm partial to
vertical biamping...
I second the two HCA-2200 IIs.
I had two 2200II's driving my mains, center, and sub before picking up a used 3500. The 3500 sounds a little different (2200II is warmer?) and a little cleaner. I thought the 3500 was not worth 500 more (1200 vs 700); and 1k in my case as I am using two big stereo amps.
I will chime in here with one caveat.
If you are going to run the 2200 bridged then get the 3500 instead.
Parasound advises me that unless they are manufactured at the same run two 2200's may not sound exactly alike.
If Vertical Bi-Amping then it would work out OK and the 2200's might be my choice.

I have a 3500 now and it thoroughly outclassed the 2200 when I compared them.