Two of your best audiophile Blues CD's ?

With great music and sound quality, redbook.
Melvin Taylor's "Dirty Pool" and Popa Chubby's "Booty and the Beast." The former is an HDCD; the later is just a well recorded blue-rock cd. Also, note the Freddy King hommage!
John Mayall and the BluesBreakers (Gold) and Keb Mo's first. Tribute to Muddy Waters by Paul Rogers. Blues for Greenie, Gary Moore. All of these sound outstanding on my system.


PS I just noticed my inability to count as well as read with good comprehension but I'll stick to three listings anyway.

Mighty Sam McClain - Give It Up To Love
Check out Albert King's "I'll Play the Blues for You" on Stax.
I think the two best are BB King's Live at Cook County Jail and Sam Cooke's Night Beat. Close behind is BB King's Live at the Regal.

Recently, the first Keb Mo cd and Terry Evans's Blues for Thought are very good and I would say audiophile quality recordings. All of Terry Evans's cds are good.