Two of your best audiophile Blues CD's ?

With great music and sound quality, redbook.
1. Terry Evans "Blues for Thought". Also, other Terry Evans CDs.
2. "Strike a Deep Chord", sub-titled "Blues for the Homeless". I don't know if this is still available, but it's worth looking for. Cheers. Craig
anything from keb mo.
Lightnin Hopkins- Going Away. XRCD Version Only.
James Cotton " Deep In The Blues" Telarc
Junior Wells " Come On In This House" Telarc
Muddy Waters "Folk Singer" - MFSL Gold Disk

Doug MacLeod "Come to Find" - XRCD
Stevie Ray Vaughan, "The Sky is Crying" MFSL Gold
Bobby King & Terry Evans-"Live And Let Live!"

Peter Green Spinter Group With Nigel Watson-"HotFoot Powder"
Muddy Waters, Folk Singer MFSL Gold
John Lee Hooker, The Healer MFSL Gold
Mighty Mo Rodgers "Blues is My Wailing Wall"
Anything by Eric Bibb
Eric Clapton & BB King, "Riding with the King", their cut of "Hold-on, I'm Coming" is worth the price of the CD.

Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper & Steven Stills, "Super Session."

BTW, both are better on LP!
Mighty Sam McClain- Give It Up To Love, and other Sam McClain's recordings.
In my experience, there are no true "audiophile" blues CD's, although there are some blues recordings that have good to very good audio quality. The blues recordings that tend to come closest to "audiophile" quality are those done by smaller acoustic groups. Almost all urban blues (such as Chicago blues) feature amplified guitars which can vary widely in tonal coloration, so it's hard to know if the sound quality is an accurate reflection of the "real thing".

Hence, when I buy blues recordings, my first emphasis is on the music and performance, and secondarily on the recording. All that said, here is a rather eclectic mix of a dozen of the best blues CD's from my collection that I think offer both good performances and good sound:

1. Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters: Grateful Heart - Blues & Ballads (Bullseye 9565)
2. Luther Allison: Reckless (Alligator 4849)
3. Blue Rider Trio: Harp, Steel, and Guts (Mapleshade 06932)
4. Cephas & Wiggins: From Richmond to Atlanta (Bullseye 11661-9633-2)
5. Etta James: Seven Year Itch (Island 422-842 655-2)
6. Delbert McClinton: One of the Fortunate Few (Rising Time 53042)
7. Drink Small: Electric Blues Doctor Live! (Mapleshade 01832)
8. Koko Taylor: Force of Nature (Alligator 4817)
9. Ike Turner: Here and Now (Ikon IKOCD8850)
10. Katie Webster: Swamp Boogie Queen (Alligator 4766)
11. Buddy Guy: Damn Right I've Got The Blues (Silvertone 1462-2-J)
12. Jimmie Lee Robinson: ...All My Life (APO 2011)
1. JOHN LEE HOOKER, "The Best of Friends" This modern recording has most of his classics with cameos by Bonnie Raite, Santana, Charlie Brown and Eric Clapton. If you like to listen to music while you exercise there is nothing better.

2. ERIC CLAPTON, From the Cradle. What can I say, I'm a Clapton nut, and this one of my favorites. John Lee is like riding a freight traine and Clapton is first tracks in 4' of fresh Colorado powder; powerful, fast and smooth.
Melvin Taylor's "Dirty Pool" and Popa Chubby's "Booty and the Beast." The former is an HDCD; the later is just a well recorded blue-rock cd. Also, note the Freddy King hommage!
John Mayall and the BluesBreakers (Gold) and Keb Mo's first. Tribute to Muddy Waters by Paul Rogers. Blues for Greenie, Gary Moore. All of these sound outstanding on my system.


PS I just noticed my inability to count as well as read with good comprehension but I'll stick to three listings anyway.

Mighty Sam McClain - Give It Up To Love
Check out Albert King's "I'll Play the Blues for You" on Stax.
I think the two best are BB King's Live at Cook County Jail and Sam Cooke's Night Beat. Close behind is BB King's Live at the Regal.

Recently, the first Keb Mo cd and Terry Evans's Blues for Thought are very good and I would say audiophile quality recordings. All of Terry Evans's cds are good.
While this is not a straight blues, but still very blues influenced, the new Allman Brothers Band CD "Hittin' the Note" is a outstanding recording and performace to match.
SRV SACDs...awesome...
SRV SACDs?? Tell me more.
Anything by the late great John Lee Hooker, and Van Morrison "Too Long in Exile" is awesome!
The Blues..."A Real Summit Meeting" Recorded live at Newport Double CD - Big Mama Thornton, Jay Mc Shann, Eddie "cleanhead" Vinson, Lloyd Glenn, Muddy Waters, Clarence "gatemouth Brown & B.B.King

Robben Ford & The Blue Line
Robert Lucas, "Completely Blue",Audioquest