Two Nice Small Tweaks to Klipsch Forte III Loudspeakers

I made two small tweaks to my Forte IIIs. 

First, I bought Auralex Subdude Isolation Platforms to sit underneath them.  This raises them up ~2 inches and isolates them from a suspended wood floor below. 

Second, I applied Dynamat to the midrange horn body.  Knocking on the horn (once reinstalled) results in less ringing and noise now.  

The improvements are more on the subtle end of the spectrum but surely noticeable.  I thought I'd pass this along because for <$200 these tweaks are non-permanent and seem to provide as much if not more benefit than playing with cables. 
I wonder if raising the speakers is a good thing as it starts to impede into one of Paul W. Klipsch’s "8 Cardinal Points of Reproduction":

Number 5: Freedom from cavities. The space under a speaker box formed by mounting it on legs can destroy the bottom octave of response and deteriorate the next 2 octaves.

While an isolation platform is likely not nearly as seemingly harmful as legs against the engineering premise of these speakers, it certainly gives me pause as to whether there are benefits. I guess ultimately if you feel the sound is better then it worked for you.

I have a pair of Forte III’s in my second system which sits on vinyl flooring atop a concrete basement floor. I’m a bit leery of placing underneath them.
Hi 3 Easy!  Yes, I was aware of that issue and that Klipsch doesn't recommend stands or legs.  However, this is not a stand or legs--just a entirely flat platform that is more solid than a suspended wood floor.  What's more, it seems an isolation platform would be no different, if not better, then placing them on carpet. 

I don't see how it could hurt. But I guess some manufacturers--I think Harbeth--design speakers around anticipated resonances.  

You likely have less going on with your Fortes sitting on a concrete slab. 
A Subdude doesn't create any space under the speaker. Shouldn't cause any harm. Every Harbeth stand that I remember seeing is open underneath the speaker. 
I have Heresy IIIs and damped the horn with Dynamat, and put Vibrapods under the corners of the speakers...the Dynamat doesn't do too much, or if it does I had forgotten what the speakers sounded like before damping the horns and really should have A/B tested the things after doing one but...meh...the Vibrapods work very well on my wood floors to keep a vibration barrier there. I actually did try the Heresies on stands but the floor/tilt position sounded better...I use 2 REL subs. Having said all this I looked on Amazon Prime and the Subdude IIs are el-cheapo...gotta try 'em.
The first thing I said to myself, auditioning Forte IIIs, is I would raise them up about eight inches. Railroad ties? granite slab? Sealed box filled with sand?
There's a guy on audiocircle who just completed mods to the Forte III's for anyone interested hopefully this link works but if it doesn't just go to audiocircle....

I was seriously considering Forte III's having owned KG4's & Chorus I's years ago but went a different direction.   Happy Listening!
Sub Dudes are awesome.   I use one under my sub..... huge improvement on a hard wood floor