Two more used Adcom GFA-555s or start over?

I am currently using a Denon 2910, Outlaw pre/pro and a single Adcom GFA-555. So far I have been listening two channel only via Paradigm Studio 100's. I have the matching Studio center speaker (the model # escapes me) and a HSU VTF3. I am looking to put together the missing pieces, starting with the amplification.

Should I purchase used Adcoms or start over with a multi channel amp like an Outlaw? I will use the system for mostly DVD concerts and multi channel audio. I just purchased several SACD and DVD-A after researching on Audiogon. I have enjoyed all of them; Dire Straits "Brothers in Arms", Elton John "Captain Fantastic...", Steely Dan "Gaucho", etc.

All suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
If you like what you have so far, why not keep going with that? Starting over means more system matching which is always a trick to get juuust right. You have good stuff. Could you even HEAR another 5% better?

So many times I think we all get caught up in trying to do BETTER and we only end up with DIFFERENT.

Is there something you are missing now? Highs, lows, clarity, dynamics?

The ROOM means a LOT. Maybe if you have some money left over by going used, you can do some room treatment.

System synergy is then what puts the magic in the room.

Good luck!

Bob Wood
Woodburger...To match your GFA555 what you obviously need is a GFA5503...three channels, 200 watts/channel @ 8 ohms.
By a strange twist of fate I know exactly where you can find one.
Wahoo_envy...Of course the above comment was meant for you.
Thanks for the advise. I am finally starting to enjoy the sound from my system, but that wasn't until I replaced my speaker cables with DH Labs Q10. The bass was almost non existent with Monster MCX1 bi-wires. I wished I made that discovery a year ago. Swapping cd players was painful.

Has any one compared offerings from Acurus, Aragon, Outlaw, etc to Adcom with the Studio 100s V2? It looks like it may cost around 700 - 800 used to add the additional channels of amplification if I stay with Adcom.


I could sell my GFA-555 and apply the funds towards the purchase of a multi-channel amp and possibly get one with a removable power chord.

Currently I am listening in my unfinished basement in the space I will be dedicating to the Home Theater. Dimensions are: 21'L(or more) x 15'W x 9'H. I plan on integrating acoustics during the design phase.
I Highly recommend the Outlaw 200WPC multichannel amps. I'm using a 7-channel version, the 770, in my high-end multichannel-audio system and I'm VERY pleased with it. They're available as 'B-stock' units often for a couple hundred$ less; mine looked perfect.

It uses an IEC-type removable powercord with the 20-amp connector at the amp, and those ARE available aftermarket. Also, you'll be pleased with its normal 5-way binding posts instead of those plastic-shrouded abominations that B&K uses (because the EU makes them because B&K wants to sell there). Sounds very good, too.

Read the reviews and BUY one. BTW I urge you to buy the one with two 'extra' channels, as you never know when you'll want to use them--I'm driving 3-and-2-half channels with 6 channels, biamping my Eminent Technology-12 centerchannel with dipole woofer AND the bass boxes of my ET8s.

I have been leaning towards the Outlaw as a solution. I was impressed when I purchased a used 950 pre/pro and the remainder of the 5 year warranty was transfered to me with a simple phone call.

Do you think Outlaw amps are bright? If anything I could use an amp that will tame the high end. Then again the sound will change as soon as the room is finished. I don't seam to have these problems during tuna season.

Thanks for not beating me up on spelling and grammer.