Two more recordings expected to be released by Tony Minasian.......

Another poster here introduced me to these recordings, and I feel they are " the ones " to use, if evaluating an audio system, or a new component of a system. Enjoy, be well and stay safe. Always, MrD. 
Obviously, people have no interest, or knowledge, of the recordings of engineer, designer, producer, microphone extraordinaire and more, Tony Minasian. His recordings were talked about on other threads, here and elsewhere ( how i learned of his recordings ), and I am looking forward to his next two releases. Everyone SHOULD own his cd or downloadable file, " Drums & Bells ", comparing sticks. Especially, if you want a recording of outstanding " sound ", as this is what we are all after. You will wonder why the industry as a whole, does not / cannot do what Tony does. This is the ultimate test to see what your system is made of.....or not ! I never heard his speakers. Enjoy, be well, stay safe, and Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays. Always, MrD.