Two KSA 80B power amplifiers

Can I use these two power amplifiers as a pair of monoblocks?
I don't see any jumper or switch that allow me to set the amp to mono? If yes, please teach me how :) At the back has two sets of outputs +- -+ at the left and +- -+ at the right! Any inputs will help! Thanks!
I owned a KSA 80 for a number of years. I recall that Krell offered the option to convert the KSA80 into a KMA 160 at the factory, but I don't recall that mine was bridgable. You probably should give Krell a call.
They have to be converted at the factory and they may not do it anymore.
If your speakers are bi wire I wouldn't bother. Use one on each channel biwired.
These amplifiers need to be converted at the factory. The conversion consisted of a mono driver doard, a new backplate that contained only a single hole for an XLR input and a single rca connection.

It is definately worth a phone call to see if they can do this, but dont be disapointed if they do not have the back plates in stock.

If not sell the pair of 80's and buy a pair of 160's, here on Audiogon.