Two Krell FPB 350mc versus one Krell FPB 600c

What would be the advantage, if any, of using two Krell FPB 350mc monoblocs instead of a Krell FPB 600c (two channel)? That's two monoblocks at 350 watts apiece versus a stereo amp at 600 watts per channel.

I'm wondering what the advantage of monoblocks are if you have to stick within a budget -- since two monoblocks can cost twice as much as one stereo amp of equal wattage per channel, is there enough of an advantage to go for monoblocks of lower power?
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Do you need 600wpc? No matter how discrete a dual mono amp is built, physically separate mono blocs are better for physical placement, and cable optimization.
I just bought a pair of Pass Aleph 2 monoblocs. They sound better than my Rowland Model 2, Pass Aleph 3, and Aragon 4004MKII. The Aragon is very good, with twice the power, but the Aleph 2s sound better everywhere but the bass.
Check the re-sale on the FPB350mc versus the FPB600c,
if they hold thier value used, I'd get the mono blocs.

It seems FPB600c vs. FPB650MC would be a better comparison. I've been using the 600C with good results but often wondered how it would sound if I can eliminate the speaker cable variable with the 650MC monoblocks with shortest connection possible...

Depending on the loudness of the music and designe of the speakers one is playing, I think having the extra power from 600C may not be an issue and 350MC would be a better choice. However, I went with a stereo amp with single stand and knowing that the system will handle most of the musical challenges with more POWER ready to go...

Although the 600 offers more power, the 350 monos are retailing for more money. Doesn't that say something in order to address your question ? Mono blocks are known to be quieter and more stable due to everything built separately from power supplies,transformers to chasis. You should ask this question of yours to Krell and see what kind of answers would they offer you ! Personally, I would go for the mono blocks. 600 watts v.s. 350 doesn't even make a 3 db increase in sound.