Two JL F112's or two Rythmik F15's?

Concerning the subs in the above title, I was curious to hear from those that might have listened to both of them .... any thoughts and opinions? I realize there is a price difference.

The subs would be used mostly for home theater, probably 30% music, mated to electrostats in a room 22 X 16 X 10 that opens-up into another room.

Thank You
I use a pair of Rythmik 12" subs in a similar sized room for music only. They are integrated to main speakers (MMGs or Ohm 100) via an Audyssey XT32 equipped pre-pro. In this application, integration is seamless and bass performance is (to my ear) as good as I've ever heard. I suspect that a pair of the 12" Rythmiks would be very good for cinema applications in my space and that a pair of the larger 15" Rythmiks would be monsters.

I auditioned JL extensively before I bought my Rythmiks. They were very, very good in showrooms when properly set-up (sadly, not always the case). Since Rythmik sells with an in-home trial, I figured that I'd give 'em a shot to see if I could save some money. If they weren't up to snuff, they'd simply go back to Rythmik and I'd pony up for the JLs. In the end, I kept the Rythmiks.

Good Luck.


PS Tho I've never heard them, SVS subs have a great rep, too.

Which model Rytmik do you use?

What is your crossover point?

And did you try out integrating these without the Audyessey? If so, how was the uncorrected integration?
Actually, Marty, that's the problem with so many subs with a great rep like SVS, Rythmik, and Funky Waves is that you often can't see or hear them at all. A pair of SVS sealed PB13s tempted me, as did a single Funky Waves 18.3. With electronics that are easily shipped I'll experiment a big. With huge subwoofers... less so. I'm with you, I didn't buy without a lot of auditioning.
I use a pair of Rythmik F12 subwoofers in my system.

Before Audyssey I used them with ARC electronics (LS25 and VT130SE). IIRC, I briefly used them without room EQ, but only briefly. Honestly, that set-up was in use too briefly to comment usefully on SQ without room EQ. After the subs went into the system, I quickly added an NHT X-2 active x-over unit (strictly to to high pass/low cut the main speakers), and a Velodyne SMS-1 sub controller to high cut the subs and to provide RTA and room EQ. The SMS has a truly crappy auto mode, so it took a fair bit of time and effort to get it right via manual tweaking with the video FR readout as a guide. Once I got it all dialed in (several weeks of many hours per week), I got really great results.

I recently subbed in the pre-pro because I wanted to try XT32 (per KR4's Stereophile recommendation) and because 1 box replaced my DAC, preamp, high pass x-over, and sub controller and eliminated 3 out of 4 power-up steps.

Overall I prefer the sound of the system in its current configuration, but bass performance and subwoofer integration has been (IMHO) absolutely outstanding in both set-ups. Audyssey actually sets the absolute bass levels just a bit (but an audible bit) higher than I did with the SMS-1, but I'd put both octave to octave tonal balances well within the "matter of taste" window of neutrality.

Audyssey sets the x-over point at 40hz (Ohm 100) or 50hz (MMG). In the previous configuration, the x-over was set at +/- 75hz, because room EQ was limited to the subs and I had some real room induced issues up in the 70hz region that I couldn't chase away with room treatments (despite the use of use 2 "Bassbuster" Hemholtz resonators tuned for that purpose).

Hope that's useful.


If a pair of 12" Rythmiks weren't well under half the price of a pair of 12" JLs, I probably wouldn't have gone there either - home trial or no home trial. Buy, unpack, set up, evaluate, re-pack, re-ship a big ass box...maybe not.


Once I decided to commit to quality subs in my system, I auditioned a sh*tload of subwoofers (most on more than one occasion) over the course of 12-18 months. The results of those auditions varied widely (as did the quality of dealer demo). The variability of subwoofer set-up care, demo system, demo room, etc. really hindered my ability to reach confident conclusions re: relative subwoofer performance, model to model. At the end of the day, I thought that the JLs were the best of the lot. But they were also the most expensive.

Since I also concluded that in-home auditions would (for me) be the only really dispositive tool in evaluating a subwoofer (much like any other component, I guess), I knew that I was kinda stuck with the "buy, unpack, set up...." rigamarole, anyway. So, given the price delta...

Either way, I'm pretty confident that, in a carefully set up system, (ie, with some sort of controller, Audyssey or other), a pair of the the appropriate (to room size) either JL or Rythmik subwoofers will do a GREAT job in the bottom octaves for those want to go the subwoofer route. Other brands may work marvelously, too - I just can't really make that statement that from my own (necessarily limited) experience.

I have a friend with a martin Logan home theater total of 8 stat panels 2 for center and a SVS ultra 13 and it is amazing .We did demo alot great subs DD15 VELODYNE,JL,REL,they were all kickass subs but came down to the SVS held its own against them and can 2 for the price of one.One SVS is amazing 2 would be close to a IMAX theater wow.

Which JL and REL did you compare?

The SVS certainly have some really nice looking features.
Rosoeiii we did demo alot of subs JL F110 and F112 REL T,R and reference studio series and DD12 and DD15 and martin Logan .I am not saying the SVS was better just better bang for buck .He did not want to buy used so new price was a big factor .BTW he did buy 2 of the rel T1 subs to run in stereo with his ML CLS front mains.I thought some of the high end REL and JL subs would be better on a 2 channel music system .You will be happy any way you go 2 high end subs will be amazing hang on to your insides have fun.