Two Jl Audio f113's or one f 212

I'm curius as I am looking to buy a sub that i will not have to replace for years. i know they both would be awesome but as power and punch which would be the best. I'm still not sure if I need 2 f113's yet. I kinda thought if I really didn't need 2 I could sell 1 for close to what I paid. But if I get the f212 it will probably be the last sub I would need for a while. Any thoughts or opinions is greatly appreciated.
with 2 113's you can find optimal placement flexibility within your room much better which is always going to have low frequency suckouts and nodes. Much superior than just one imo. With bass, you have to live with and work with the room. The flexibility of 2 that you can place just so is a huge plus. Don't forget you have to lift these suckers and move them around until you find their "home" in your room.
I agree with Owl.
I use to use one sub and found just moving a few inches on my
couch made a big difference in low end.
Now I have had two for a few years and they create a nice
layer of bottomend for the rest of the music to play on.
My choice is definately two subs,I think if you had two and
took one out of equation,you would hear something was missing.
It's almost as if something is out of balance,two is so much
I also use two F-113's(actually four)the other two are for the movie side of things.
I'm using a single JL F113. I am also very familiar with the system of a friend who is using a pair of JL F110's. So it's a similar situation: A single larger sub vs. a pair of smaller subs.

IME, there are advantages to both approaches, but I think there are more advantages to a pair of smaller subs. The most frequently cited advantage is that a pair of subs can be placed at different locations in the room with different peaks/nulls, resulting in a flatter frequency response when summed together. This advantage is significant, IMO. The only caveat I would offer is...

I believe that the use of sub placement to optimize frequency response can result in non-optimal transient response, which is audible as bass that sounds "slow" or "out of sync" with the music. That is a controversial topic, however, which you read about in another thread, if it interests you.

Good luck.

Get two subs, set them up as a discrete stereo pair + LFE spread across the two. Then get an outboard (SVS / Audessey) 2 channel sub eqalizer, and you'll never look back.
Hey u guys are great, I kinda figured 2 is a better appraoch, but it is nice to hear some feedback with people that have some experience with it. I always have had good responses to any questions I have asked here, Thanks a million, Brad.
+1 (+5) on two subs. The effect on dealing with room issues can be remarkable. Famous book on acoustics by Floyd Toole explains the benefit of multiple subs (even 4).

Given the choice-- two F113s
Start with one
You may not want two
I have a JL and know they are the best