two dedicated lines into one duplex outlet

i am setting up 4 dedicated lines; two 20 amp and two 15 amp. I'll be using Hubbell 5362 outlets. Can i place individual lines into each of the receptacles? Can the ground be isolated for each line on a particular outlet or the two lines on that outlet would have to share the ground? Does it matter? Should i keep the same amperage lines on the same duplex outlet? I'll be using 10/2 and 12/2 romex for the 20-amp and 15-amp lines respectively. Thanks for your input!
Yes, an outlet has a connecting "bar" in the middle. This connects the upper 1/2 of the plug with the lower 1/2. Just cut this bar,right in the middle. Then the top 1/2 would be wired to the top--the bottom would have a different wire connecting it to it for just the bottom. They would share the same grounds,as there is but one ground screw.(You could pigtail the grounds together) i.e. wire nut the grounds together along with a third wire that goes to the receptacle.
did the exact same thing with two 5362' get four dedicated do have to clip the connecting strip as Avguygeorge says...
I don't think there is any real benefit to doing this, except wasting a little money. Basically, your running two independant circiuts back to the breaker panel just to have two 15 amp breakers. I don't think plugging any two peices of equipment into one 15 amp circuit is going to blow that breaker. What other reason would there be for doing this?
Since # 12 wire is rated for twenty amps why not do four twenty amp circuits?

I hope those hubbels are I.G.?

Be sure an pull a dedicated neutral with each hot.

I would tie all the I.G. grounds together.

One other thing, If it were me personnally I'd use four duplex outlets instead of splitting two in half. I guess I'm a little old fashion.

Zippyy - I don't know about your gear but when i read the owners manual on my stuff practically every piece recommends a dedicated circuit. This is usually for Isolation of AC noise not overload.

PS- I haven't forgotten about you Zig :^)
Since you only have two components I would use two outlets, two dedicated lines and install a parallel filtration device in the spare receptacle. Could be Quiet Lines, Blue Circle Noise Hound, Enacom, Quantum, etc. Don't forget to send the Krell power cord to Cryogenics International and get a Highwire Wirewrap. Things will work out good...
Glen - Why should it matter (isolation noise) if in the end all the power is still coming from one place. Whether you use one circuit or two, it all goes back to the breaker box where all the power is coming from? Also, if like you say, most owners manuals suggest dedicated circuits for each piece of gear, one would never have the need to use any power or line conditioners as this would be putting all the equipment back on the same circuit. Right?
thanks, Glen

I only have two components now, a cdp and a power amp, but i may add other digital and/or analog gear in the future. I may also in the future change to mono amps from a stereo amp. Now if as zippyy says, " why should it matter if in the end all the power is still coming from one place" then i should indeed only have two or may be three lines at the most since it is then not a matter of noise reduction but of current availability only. The noise reduction would then be better addressed post outlet. Does that may any sense? Thanks.
Aponte: Zippy needs help...

There's actually four steps to this subject:

1) power delivery
2) power filtration
3) preventing cross contamination of filtered power
4) not ruining the music in the process.

Since you are thinking of monoblocks (way to go) I would use two double dedicated lines in two cryo'ed outlets. Deano recommends THHN cable rated for underground burial, since the insulation is tightly bound. Makes sense to me. By keeping dedicated lines for each single component, steps one and three are addressed.

Lak should be getting the DeZorel
filter this coming week. We plan to do a serious shootout of all our equipment and post the results in the ongoing DeZorel thread in Audiocircle.

I am setting up my power delivery/noise filtration as best as I can. Vibration affects electricity and I'm working on dealing with this problem. Performance has improved tremendously!

Thanks! I'll be keepimg an eye on that thread on the Zorel piece. Question, does it make sense to connect my Krell fpb 300cx amp to any type of post outlet power treatment device rather than directly to the outlet of its own 20-amp dedicated line?
What is best for your Krell? That depends on the noise floor in your lines, more than anything else. I suggested you sending the stock power cord to a good cryo facility (still waiting for finding a cost effective place) and installing a Highwire Wirewrap. That will be really good and won't adversely affect the music.

Being capacitor based, the DeZorel is able to handle big power amps without constraining dynamics--that's one of their strong points. Also, the buffering capacity of the capacitor bank serves as the surge protector. It also uses a thermal circuit breaker.

Now that you mention it, I will set up the dedicated 110V line for the clothes washer with a cryo'ed receptacle and test my spare amp (Proton AA-1150) and the DeZorel there. Lak also has a beefy Legacy amp he can try...
Psychicanimal - You really should try just listening to the music for a while...and enjoy it. The rest of this stuff is just fantasy!