two Channel equalizer recommendations

Hi Gon’ers

i am considering adding a two channel EQ to one of my systems. Not as a notch filter but to bring up the mids just a tad bit. I’m Looking at the API 5500

anyone have any experience with this particular brand or any other suggestions would be appreciated. 
Thanks. I will take a look.

So after looking at a few recommendations I have decided on the Klark Teknik n360. 

I also looked at the Cranesong. Sounds very impressive. However for the system I’m connecting it to I don’t want to make that type of an investment. Like I said the only sliders I will use will be between 500 Hz - 2k range once I figure out which couple I will use and they will only be raised a tad bit. Everything else will be flat. For this system the Klark Teknik should be all I need. 
Thanks all for the recommendations and also the comments. I will report back and let you know my experience. 
Dear@barnettk : Good. KT has an engineeering high level and very good excecution to its design. Good luck with.

If you have to use one, get a Behringer or a DBX unit.
Look at Schitt loki mini.