two channel DVD playback with stereo DAC

I have a two channel system with an EAD DSP7000 DAC - great sound. I would like to know if there is a DVD player with a stereo - digital out so that I can use the DAC to play-back the DVD sound with my system while watching movies? I know I can just play the analogue out into my system but would like to try the digital with the better DAC.
I'd be surprised if your 9000ES played any DVD-Audio tracks from any of its outputs.
I purchased two DVD-Audio discs for evaluation purposes. They are the Jazz/Concord recording of Ellis/Pass/Brown/Hanna (HRM 2006) and the Chesky recording of Bucky Pizzarelli, Swing Live (CHDVD222). Both discs play through the 2 channel analog output from the Sony, as well as the Theta Gen Va processor using the Sony digital output. A standard CD player will not recognize either disc.

I admit to being new to DVD-Audio, and may not be totally familiar with this formats characterists. But, I am very pleased to be able to play these two DVD-Audio discs on my Sony/Theta system. This does not mean that other discs may not play on my system, but these certainly do.

Regards and happy listening.
You are listening to the DVD-V-compatible tracks, not the DVD-Audio tracks. With both the Chesky and Hi-Rez discs, you have the option of this lower resolution (but still pretty good) playback. The 9000ES is NOT a DVD-A player. In fact, I do not believe that Sony yet makes ANY DVD-A players.

The good news is that, one day, these discs may sound even better.