two channel DVD playback with stereo DAC

I have a two channel system with an EAD DSP7000 DAC - great sound. I would like to know if there is a DVD player with a stereo - digital out so that I can use the DAC to play-back the DVD sound with my system while watching movies? I know I can just play the analogue out into my system but would like to try the digital with the better DAC.
Most DVD players have a digital output of stereo signals. Be advised that these are not always the best quality and that the analog outputs may be better.
I recently bought a used Sony 9000ES DVD player and am very pleased. The digital out does 2 channel PCM including 96/24. I can listen to virtually all media formats including CD, SACD, DAD and DVD-audio. What? DVD-audio? Yes, it plays the 2 ch DVD-audio from it's analog output, and puts out a 2 channel digital signal to my outboard DAC. I think that digital signal is 96/24 but am not sure. My Theta DAC accepts 96/24 digital and it sounds great. The Sony analog is not quite as good as the Theta, but it is still very good.

Hope this helps.
I'd be surprised if your 9000ES played any DVD-Audio tracks from any of its outputs.