Two Channel Amp or 5 Channel Biamp

Hi Guys,

Newbie here asking for help. I have a pair of Vista running with Pioneer SC-35 AVR. Looking to upgrade with an external amp(via SC-35 preouts):

1. Rotel RMB 1075, 120WX5 (looking to biamp 4 chan to Vista)
2. Threshold S200, 100WX2 (straight to Vista via speaker binding post bridged)

Purpose: To enhance music listening via 2 chan stereo on my new Vista.

Which of the two will produce the better sound quality?
Personally, I'd spend the money on the 2 channel amp rather than a 5 channel plus all the extra cables. Bi-amping with a pioneer as the pre doesn't make any sense to me.
Thank you for your response, Meiwan.

I configured pioneer bi-amped, and pre-outs will send high freq over L&R, and low freq over Surround L&R. So, I can have multi-chan Rotel to allocate 120w+120w to each speakers.

I just dont know 100W Threshold with standard connection or Rotel with more power allocated will sound better.

Thank you.
I'm not familiar with either of these amps but have toyed with passive biamping as you're contemplating quite a bit. It rarely provides improvement.

You should go with the better amp (channel for channel), which I assume is the Threshold. It's very unlikely you will realize any material "power" benefits, and I've never had a multichannel amp that sounded better than a 2 channel.