Two box preamps: Cary SLP05 vs. Modwright 36.5

I am wondering if anyone has been lucky enough to compare these two preamps. I am looking to switch to a balanced preamp to take full advantage of my Platinum Modwright Transporter. Just based on specs, I like the Cary better due to its Headphone output, but that's not really a limiting factor.
Thanks for any opinons or insights.
The output impedance specs on these two preamps are substantially different. For details on the Cary, do a web search and read the Stereophile Test Measurements section of their review on the SLP-05. Don't go by the nominal output impedance. Look at the high output impedance measurement, and the frequency at which it was measured.

The answer depends on the amp you will be using. For the Cary, high input impedance will be best. For the Modwright, a wider range of input impedances will be accommodating.
I own the slp-05 and prefer it to the one box MW 36.5, which I have heard on a number of occasions. I run a MW TP into it as well (although not a Platinum version). The CAry has a more lush sound, which I really enjoy. A little more of a classic tube sound than the MW, but not suoer tubey/colored.I have not, however, heard the two box MW. I am certain either will be great.
What amp do you have? and What is the input impedance?
Agree with Shredder. Had both pre-amps in my home system. The SLP-05 was far more musical. The Modwright was lean - too lean.
I own a SLP-05 and have been looking at the Dodd Audio Battery Pre. Anyone?
AMps are Classe CAM-350 monos, 75 kohms impedance.
Deutsch-how does the Platinum MW TP compare to the non-Platinum MW TP? I have been considering the upgrade.