Two big sounds got-ta face off

ok,the question of the day is,is there a real winner between these two titan speakers:Zu Definition---- Vandersteen 5a. to all that have heard both,what did you think???? or are they both simply real good with different flavors???? this is a question that i gotta ask????
i did buy the Zu's,and am presently feeding them with the little VAC 30/30.signal coming fron an Opus 21 modded buy Steve @ GNS.i really like the Definitions,make no mistake there.they truly sing.but,have a real itch with the 5A's i gotta house taste-test.will A-B with same gear.
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this will be fun for sure,i'm thinkim' a real gloves off scrap! [maybe not?].on the flip side,this may not be on the fair side as one speaker is nearly twice the cost.i think it's a flavor thing.
According to the Vandersteen site (they recommend a minimum of 50W), as well as owners' comments, you are likely to run out of steam with the VAC. I've heard the 5As with a 150W SS amp, and I frankly wouldn't opt for anything less. Perhaps others disagree, but I don't think 30W will allow you to hear them at their best.
the VAC is a hearty 32W's for sure but,you may be amp may be needed.a used darT would be real nice..