Two big sounds got-ta face off

ok,the question of the day is,is there a real winner between these two titan speakers:Zu Definition---- Vandersteen 5a. to all that have heard both,what did you think???? or are they both simply real good with different flavors???? this is a question that i gotta ask????

I hate to be a Zu basher but I have heard the Zu at several shows and I hear a bad horn coloration in them. Yes they are dynamic and alive sounding but I have to say that the Vandersteen is a better speaker although it has its flaws as well.
Whow, two such different speaker designs... can they be compared fairly?
i think they each have their strong points to look at,i have the chance to buy both,try them,and keep the keeper,i know what the Zu can do,i was just lookin' for some Vandy points i should know,thks.
i have the chance to buy both,try them,and keep the keeper
Sounds like you'll have an answer once you've done this, not a note sooner. :-)
gonna be interesting.. Keep us posted.. Do you plan to run both on the same amp for comparison? One might be better than the other depending on the amp feeding them I would guess. Also, are you using the Standard definitions with built in plate amps?
I would bet the Vandy 5A would blow away the ZU, but wrong or not I would love to find out.
You own the Zu Definitions, yes?

06-30-06: 2bigears
ok here we go,now have the defs fed by the VAC 30/30 sig mk3,the player is direct to the amp and is the opus 21 modded by GNS.the speaker cables are Zu Ibus and interc to the amp is Discovery sig.

So, now you're thinking of replacing them with Vandersteen 5A?

What amplifier are you using?
i did buy the Zu's,and am presently feeding them with the little VAC 30/30.signal coming fron an Opus 21 modded buy Steve @ GNS.i really like the Definitions,make no mistake there.they truly sing.but,have a real itch with the 5A's i gotta house taste-test.will A-B with same gear.
Well, it will be a fun to read about your comparison.
this will be fun for sure,i'm thinkim' a real gloves off scrap! [maybe not?].on the flip side,this may not be on the fair side as one speaker is nearly twice the cost.i think it's a flavor thing.
>>this may not be on the fair side as one speaker is nearly twice the cost<<

Not true at all; you are comparing apples to oranges. One speaker's retail is based on a factory direct price; the other speaker's retail is set in conjunction with a national (actually world wide) dealer network which includes a susbstantial margin for the retailer.
According to the Vandersteen site (they recommend a minimum of 50W), as well as owners' comments, you are likely to run out of steam with the VAC. I've heard the 5As with a 150W SS amp, and I frankly wouldn't opt for anything less. Perhaps others disagree, but I don't think 30W will allow you to hear them at their best.
the VAC is a hearty 32W's for sure but,you may be amp may be needed.a used darT would be real nice..
I've heard 5A's with 22 watt's.