Two Arm VPI

Looking to have a VPI table that can take two arms. One for mono the other for stereo cartridges. What would be a good set up. Want to use the new supper platter that can take the outer ring. I have a VPI Aries now with 10.5 arm. Ideal would be two 12.7 arms. Suggestions
No need for a second arm. With the JMW arms if you just get another 10.5 arm wand all you need to do is set up your mono cartridge on it. set your vtf, vta, azimuth, etc. You are ready to go. The second arm wand will have it's own counterweight. When you want to go from stereo to mono just unplug the arm from the lemo connector and lift the arm wand off. Set the armwand with the mono cartridge on and connect the lemo. You are ready to go. Once you have the mono cartridge set up on the second arm wand it can't take more than 30 seconds to change them and start playing your mono LP's.
Thanks Slow hand, did consider the wand approach, but I want the two arm solution for greater fleixability.

You may want to call Brooks Berdan a VPI dealer in Monrovia, Calif. Brooks is a well known analog guy and I (think I) recall having a brief conversation with him on this subject. I believe he said that he can set up the big VPIs with 2 arms.

Good Luck