Two Arm Turntables

Although I have nice VPI Scout now, I am thinking about upgrading to a new turntable, one with two arms. I want to be able to very conveniently (i.e. no switching wands+vta settings, etc.) switch between mono and stereo cartridges, and check out some arms other than the VPI JMW. I was thinking about $6K, ex-arms, used, preferably (much) lower (although I don't want to get upgradeitis again, a most expensive condition), as going beyond this amount seems ridiculous. Ideas so far: Garrard 301 with custom plinth, Verdier Platine, Micro Seiki 5000 (hard to find arm boards?), and TW Acustic Raven Two. Well, hard to find these used, especially from a dealer...but I'm patient. Other ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks, Mark
Micro Seiki DDX1000 could use 3 arms. I use to have one. Direct Drive but good.
I saw a Nottingham with 2 arms at a show, but don't know anything about it. In the long run, I'm on a similar search--I'd like to have easy access to a mono cartridge without having to have 2 turntables.

Good luck.
I sense a willingness to buy used, and have a custom plinth made. As such, I'd say look at either your afore-mentioned Garrard, or a Technics SP-10 MKII, or even better, MKIII. Albertporter (look him up here) sold his 40k Walker after buying a Technics. Mike Lavigne (mikel-here and at VA) compares his Technics (in a custom, two arm plinth) favorably to his Rockport, and also has a Garrard (also in a two arm plinth) for an upcoming comparison. I'd guess you could set up either of these for half your allotted budget-or, naturally, you could probably spend more.
Check out the original Avid Diva. You can do two arms on it and it won't bust the bank. I have one arm (Origin Encounter) with a mono cartridge (Benz) and the second arm is an SME M-12 with a Zyx cartridge.

So I can play my few mono albums on the Origin/Benz combo and stereo on the other. It is cool.

BTW, The mono lps sound great! I am sure you can spend more money on a rig, but I am content with this set-up.
I just had a Lenco L75 modded with a 75 lb cherry plinth by Jean Nantais. He had it made with 2 armboards (and it also came with 2 extra armboards) so theoretically I could have 4 arms at any point. This is a relatively economical solution for you as its about half of your budget plus IMHO this table runs with the big boys that you mentioned. Check out the Home Despot thread for details on the Lenco and my system for pics if you're interested.
You could simply keep your turntable and use an arm pod. Here is a link to a good friend and audio nut Stefano.
Look at his system and note the arm pods for his Garrard 301.
It may be sonically better to have two tables if you have the room, especially if you are partial to VIP product, none of which can really be fitted with two arms.
I really appreciate these suggestions and would welcome any other ideas. Honestly, I'm too inexperienced to say I'm partial to VPI. The Scout is the only turntable I have listened to in the past 20 years. I bought based on reviews, affordability, stability of the brand, upgradability, and resale value. Now that I'm hooked on vinyl, with a great LP collection, I'm interested in broadening my experience. Turntables are highly visible living room product - two is too much, IMHO. The Lenco seems appealing, but I like the idea of being able to get a fully checked out Garrard from Loricraft, with a power supply upgrade, maybe Kokomo bearings, etc. I'm trying to learn more about the Lenco, but Garrard seems to have more of this type of 3rd party support, above and beyond the plinth, vs. other vintage brands, at a cost...
Yes the Garrard's are great, they are the gold standard for sure, but just the player without a plinth is $1500-$2000. After you add a plinth, kokomo bearings and tonearm it gets pretty pricey. The lenco players in contrast start at about $300 for a good one, and arguably have similar performance.
Thanks. Do you a sense for what it would cost to get a decent plinth for the Lenco?
Around $2100 for a Giant direct-coupled Lenco plinth, if you do nothing yourself but pay for it. Check out Jean Nantais via the Lenco thread (Home Despot). For a little more effort and similar expense you could have a Lenco remounted in a steel top-plate (PTP3; go to the Lenco-Lovers website) on a slate plinth made by Oswald Mills. I own a Lenco in a Nantais plinth, and I love it. The slate job cum PTP3 could be better yet. Quien sabe? I suspect either iteration of the Lenco is on par with a hot-rodded Garrard 301 that would cost much more.
$2100 for a custom made plinth for the Garrard or Lenco just doesn't make sense. There are rumble in all these idler type TT but most of the peoples who use tiny speakers don't notice it since their speakers don't go low.

Go and get a Verdier. I'm bet that it will be you last TT.
My Garrard 301 has no problems with rumble whatsoever, and I am not using small speakers. Snell Type A speakers which do go low quite well, and are quite revealing.

You cannot go wrong with a 301/401, or the Technics SP12, MKII or III. The Thorens TD124 is also right up there. Another option would be a custom plinth for the Teres bearing, platter, and motor.
My Coral Beta 8 speakers are very sensitive, (101 dB) and go down to 30Hz. There's no rumble, the plinth absorbs all extraneous noise.
Holy Crap-2100.00?

Is that what JN charges for those god-awful monstrosities that he calls a 'plinth'? To call them 'ugly' is to give the less-good-looking of the world a bad name. Still, and I suppose, if you're happy....but from the brief time I've spent on 'Home Despot', you're either Happy, or you're Gone. It's the Bizzarro Cult of A'gon blogs.
Johnbrown you are right. I have a Nantais plinth and it is hideous. Cannot wait to replace it with something that looks good. Wasted my money on Nantais.
You might want to consider a Galibier Serac;

It has the two arm capability you desire and leaves you with the ability to upgrade the table down the road should you suffer a recrudescence of that dreaded condition; 'upgraditis'. I use 2 tonearms on my Stelvio (one dedicated to mono) and am quite happy.