two amps and one pair of speakers

i have two setups, one nad amp for surround sound, and one fisher tube amp for music. is it not advisable two run my one pair of kefs to both amps? of course, i would not be using both amps at once. i saw that niles audio makes a box, the dps-1, which allows you to connect the two amps. but i just hate the idea of not running my speakers directly to the amp. so will running two sets of speaker cables damage the speakers in any way?
Why not run one pair of cables, switching at the amps?
The only safe way to do this is to run seperate cables from your amps to the speakers using banana plugs and ONLY plugging in the cables from the amp you are using. That way you avoid the junction box and eliminate the eventuality of some day accidentially having both amps powered up at the same time (and also avoid any other sonic degredation from having both cables connected at the same time.
Why not just buy a speaker selector box and use it backwards?
instead of A and B speakers you would have A and B amps.
slappy, basically the dps-1 box that i mention is a speaker selector box in reverse. however, don't you think that some sound degredation will exist running through a box like that? maybe not. i'm not sure. i just assumed that is always ideal to run the speakers DIRECTLY to the amp.