Two Amplifiers With One Set of Speakers

I currently have an Integra receiver for my home theater setup and a tube amplifier for music. The issue is that I only have one set of speakers. My current solution is to have two sets of speakers cables that I switch at the speakers. It really only take a minute or two to make the switch, but it's enough that I'd listen using the tube amplifier more if it were a more simple switch. I'm thinking about using a speaker switch box and just hooking it up backwards. If I can hear a difference then I would stay with what I am currently doing, but I suspect that it will work just fine.

Any recommendations for a switch box? I'm looking for inexpensive. I would probably get a really short run of Blue Jeans Cable to minimize the length between the two amps and the box and then use my current run to the speakers.
Hi Mceljo

I use the Niles Audio DPS-1 as I have 2 amps in my system and only one set of speakers. It is a well built unit but the I had to work through the screw down speaker wire connectors in the rear of the DPS-1. I used bare wire from the DPS-1 to some spare speaker posts I had that could accommodate spade or banana plugs. This then allowed me to use my existing speaker wires from both amps and speakers. It wasn't the prettiest thing to look at since it is tucked away it wasn't a bother.

Niles has another auto switcher but I can't find the info right now.

Good luck with the search.
Using a speaker switch backwards will function but you run the possibility of problems. Speaker switches are, typically, make-before-break which means that for a tiny interval both speakers are connected to the amp. This is OK for that use but running it between one set of speakers and two amps means that both amps will be connected to each other for that interval and, depending on the amps, that could be damaging. Get something made for your application.
I have been talking to a EE friend of mine and I think we are going to build a custom switch using components from Parts Express. It looks like it will be about $85. It will be a very simple and basic setup with a switch for each channel, but should have a minimized circuit path.
This rig won't be used for A/B and will just allow me to switch amps. Switch to the tube before turning it on and back to the receiver after shutting the tube off.