tweeters to the inside or outside

Purchase used speakers no owners manual. Tweeters are offset, I can set the speakers so that the tweeters will be either to the outside or inside. What should it be?
Try 'em both. Depends on radiation patter, sidewall proximity, and your listening triangle shape. Try 'em upside down, too, in case listening axis is better that way. happens a lot on two ways if you happen to sit fairly high and use lowish stands.
Experiment, listen and possibly measure. There are no hard rules here.
Good Luck
If you spread the speakers out for a wider soundstage, put the tweeters "inboard". If they are positioned relatively close together, position the tweeters "outboard". Other than that, Ernie had it right. Try them every way known to man and find out for yourself. Sometimes unconventional methods work better than conventional methods due to irregular placement, room acoustics or listening position. Sean
Is incredibly wonderful to read people writing what they are above, as they are right and to me its part of the joy are owning new gear. There are no set rules, and even the set rules are sometimes wrong. Try each and all postions you think might please you, (starting to sound like sex). Most of the time the maker will ask the tweeters be to the inside, you might start there, but if you have them in a room that is only 8 foot and have you keep them away from the wall, the stage might be too small. No set rules, experiment, close your eyes, open your ears and listen to each setup you put them in. The one that sounds best to you is the one to leave them in. You can always change them later.
Try them both ways or contact the manufacturer if you can. On my Jaguars the manufacturer recommends to the outside. And, that's where they sound the best!