Tweeters facing in or out ?

Anyone Know the truth ? On a pair of mirror image speakers (w/ offset drivers) would you put the tweeters in center or to the outsides ? Like to hear what most think
In my view, it's what the manufacturer says it should be--that's the person who designed the thing, he/she knows best.
You'll need to try it both ways and see what sounds best in your room. Generally, the sound from tweeters will be more prominent when they are on the inside (towards the center) vs outside.
This is a no brainer.

It's your room and your ears. Keep solo vocals focused in the center. The speakers disappear. You'll find you can do this with either configuration. Then you have to decide if tweeters on the inside fit your taste for a more "intimate" soundstage. Most go for a wide and deep soundstage but your preferences in music genre are what matters most.

Speaker placement/room acoustics is at least 50% of this whole gig. IMHO
Ive seen alot of reviews where the reviewer tries it the way the manufacturer intended but eventually swapped them and liked the results better.
Give them a shot each way. Going against the manufacturer's reccommendation might be more adequate with the accoustics of yer room.
Most are inside, I've done it both ways. Sometimes in a small room that dictates limited spread between speakers they may sound better on the outside. Try both and see what works best for you.

The physical distance between woofer and tweeter causes the sonic axis of the speaker system to be angled. (The ubiquitous MTM driver array avoids this). So, by positioning the speakers at an angle, the (small) effect of having the tweeters inside or outside can be counteracted.

However, the direction of the sonic axis deflection is such that having the tweeters outside is equivalent to positioning the speakers angled in. This means that you can probably leave them physically straight, and from a cosmetic point of view this may be desirable.
Thanks to all. The speakers I am using are Reference 3A MM (the orginal) They seem very wide when tweeters are on the outside