tweeter replacement, original glued in

I've an old pair of Michael Green monitors with a VIFA tweeter that a troglodyte burned.  I tried removing the tweeter by unscrewing the 4 and tapping out.  Seems now that the whole thing is glued in.  Any great ideas for tearing this out without destroying the cabinet face and mounting surface?  Thank you in advance.
It’s quite likely you just have decomposed foam behind the faceplate.

Can you remove the woofer and push from behind??


Did exactly that and it is quite solid.


You are right, I've seen his posts.  Thanks.

Is this the type of tweeter with small screws that hold the tweeter motor to the faceplate? Those usually have replaceable domes, AND you could, if very careful, unscrew it, leaving only the faceplate attached. After removing the motor you could insert a thumb, or perhaps a razor from the back.
I am not responsible for any blood loss this may cause you though! :)


I already got to there and now have it in pieces.  I went to Madisound and ordered two replacements as closely matched as I can.  We're not in rarified air here.  Just need to remove the faceplates now.  That's the challenge without unnecessary damage to the cabinet.
One thing you might try, if you have a heat gun or a hair dryer. Heat the cabinet around the tweeter then apply ice in a. Sandwich bag directly to the tweeter. The sudden contraction might break the bond and while the glue is soft, it may come loose.
 Just need to remove the faceplates now.

Was it not possible to order replacement coils/domes? :(

I like the hairdryer idea.  I'll try it.  Just do not understand why it is glued.  Never run into this and I've modified/repaired a dozen pair of speakers.  

I only found the complete tweeter and ordered two and that's okay as I don't know if there is some damage to the other one.  Thanks all.
I'll try it.  Just do not understand why it is glued.

Probably the builder was worried about maintaining an air-tight seal. A little overkill. :)

Thank you everyone for advice.  Ended up going Jeremy Clarkson on it, grabbing the center ring with tweeter core removed with plumber's wrench and yanking it!  Out it all came.  Yes, it was glued.  New tweeter soldered in and done.