tweeter replacement Magico S5

I have to replace my tweeter on the Magico S5. I could use some advice from anyone who has done it.
Thank you
Hey Guyt,

I'm not familiar with the S5, but I am with the tweeter.  Looking at online pics it looks fairly straightforward. There are six screws at the perimeter you must remove, and the tweet should come right out.

However, are you sure that's your issue?? It could be a burned out resistor in the crossover.

The rubber like material ring around the dome is ripped.  I don't know how it happened, I have a cat but not sure she is the culprit.  I called Magico they said it should be replaced.  I was nervous about the soldering involved.  Thanks for your response.
Hi Guyt,
From my tour of the Magico factory, they use press on connectors. Shouldn't be any soldering necessary. Only 1 true way to find out. :)

Out of curiosity, will they send you a replacement dome, or are they going to make you pay for the whole thing?

I am expecting the whole tweeter is being purchased, it is $800.00.  The Tech I spoke to said soldering is required and they would include some solder with the tweeter.  Thanks for your interest . 
how much do you think these tweeters cost them to produce?
$800 ??? Wow that's a steep upcharge for a repair part.
Depending on how much you want to save, the Magico tweeter is probably this one:

Scanspeak Illuminator D3004/6640-00

You should remove it first to ensure the back looks correct. Magico allegedly has it covered with graphene, but I have no idea if that is true.

From Madisound, this tweeter is about $450, but call or e-mail them to see if they have replacement diaphragms. They’re a little harder to install, but a lot cheaper than the entire unit. You can take the original one one out and examine the back, make sure it's the same.
Funny thing, I was expecting it would cost more.  How screwed up is that.   Thank you for the info
Thank you Erik for the info.. Anyone out there who can confirm that the Magico S5 tweeter is the Scanspeak Illuminator D3004/6640-00.  The fastner holes seem identical but the Scanspeak has a grill over the dome.  
So if Magico do anything to that tweeter to change it the don’t you end up with a pair of speakers with different tweeters? Not to mention something that is no longer a Magico S5 for resale purposes?

To me a markup from $450 to $800 on parts including whatever Magico do to the tweeter plus the install kit seems pretty reasonable, and the end result is still an S5 ... this may not be the best time to skimp on a few $100
Go with the Magico tweeter not something else don't listen to that dude.I own Magico i know.
Yeah, I’m not saying you should go with the off the shelf tweeter. However, if you think $800 is reasonable, you should probably have a pro do the work too.

If you think it’s outrageous in cost, you should look for alternatives.

My advice was for the sake of cost savings.


These are NOT the same tweeters, and Magico tells you, if you care to listen, how it is different (different surround, coating, etc.). Why would a Magico (or any other brand) owner, take advise from some anonymous putz against the manufacturer recommendation??
I hope that someone on the manufacturing side is reading this. 
These are NOT the same tweeters, and Magico tells you, if you care to listen, how it is different (different surround, coating, etc.).

Magico says a lot of things. Also, I’ve reported your post for being abusive. I’m not anonymous, so your claim is libelous already, and while putz is a matter of personal opinion, it is incredibly offensive and inflammatory. It is completely inappropriate for this forum.

You want to go to Reddit if that’s how you interact with other users. Whether you get banned or not, @sciencecop you are definitely not up to the standards of the fine Audiogoners I enjoy interacting with. So go ahead, flame away.

And advising people to make financial mistakes is up to this forum standard? What about insinuating a manufacturer is fraudulent in conduct, without any proof ("Magico says a lot of things...")? Is that a norm?
Let me see if I can get you ban for doing all that (not really, I do have a life...).
Guyt, Not to worry. That tweeter electrically is very tough. It will be very hard to over heat it. Make sure you tin the iron as it is heating up. Remove the wires from the old tweeter with the iron. Do not cut them. Re tin the ends with fresh solder and crimp them on the terminals of the new tweeter tight with needle nose pliers paying attention to polarity. Press the iron against the terminals and the wires, when you see the solder glisten add a little more solder at the junction between the wire and the terminal. It should flow right out. The whole process should take no more than 5 seconds. Your Iron should be at least 25 watts preferably over 40. A cold iron is worse than a dull knife. If you are uncomfortable with soldering just practice soldering 24 gauge wire together. If you are still nervous message me.

Oh and get the tweeter from Magico. You spent big money on those speakers for a reason. Do not risk polluting them with sub standard parts. "S--- Happens."
Thank you Erik for the info.. Anyone out there who can confirm that the Magico S5 tweeter is the Scanspeak Illuminator D3004/6640-00. The fastner holes seem identical but the Scanspeak has a grill over the dome.

So to clarify, Magico has always claimed their tweeter diaphragm has a proprietary coating which is a claim I would be unable to validate without having one of each.

My suggestion to you to think of this as a replacement was based on my understanding you wanted to be frugal.

If $800 seems reasonable to you, go ahead and get it from Magico. I won’t be offended. :)

I am however a little surprised they aren't willing to replace the diaphragm alone at a discount, seems a shame, since that really IS a very nice tweeter motor.


Mike, and others thank you for your input.  After Mike's post I feel better about the soldering.  I think I will stick with the Magico tweeter, no offense to those who suggest otherwise.  I got the S5s used for about $18,000 from Scott Walker in CA including the shipment to Alaska.   New they were $28,000-$32,000, so I'm told.   I expect any after market tweeter installed in one speaker may cause a conflict sonically with the other speaker etc.  Thank you  to all.
Eric, asked Magico if they could repair the tweeter since it is only the support material that suspends the dome.  They answered in the negative.  Maybe when I swap them out I can sell the damaged one on Ebay or give to the cat and let her have at it.  Thanks for you input.

Beryllium is poisonous, especially when inhaled. Make sure you dispose of the original per instructions.
only kidding about the cat. thanks
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