Tweeter Problem

Hi, I own a pair of JBL L150A and one of the tweeters only start delivering sound when I turn thar volume way up, once it starts sounding I can lower the volume and it stays fine, but I if I don´t do the high volume exercise it doesn´t sound.

Any idea of what is happening and how it can be fixed ?

You will need to clean any control/adjustment potentiometer in the tweeter feed or replace.It is acting like a diode.
So I should take the tweeter out and clean it...can you suggest eith what ?

It is probably not inside the tweeter.
The comment was the FEED to the tweeter has a problem.
I agree that is the most likely problem.
You need to clean the connections inside the speaker, the wiring to the tweeter, the crossover connections to the tweeter, and most tweeters have a tuning pot to alter the volume of the tweeter as conpared the the rest of the speaker, and clean that control.
A good product is Caig labs Oxy ? clean? or similar from RadioShack. just clean the connectors and stick 'em back together. Should work.

Elizabeth and Tpsonic....thanks for the useful replies.