Tweeter options for Dahlquist DQ-20s?

Greetings all!

One of my tweeters has started to crackle/hiss at certain frequencies (and I think the other is thinking about it). I know that Regnar has direct replacements but was wondering if any of you out there know of quality alternative (read: cheaper)models? I seem to remember reading about someone using a tweeter from Madisound. Any help is appreciated.

I have the address/phone of the people that rework Dahlquist speakers since I own the DQ20i speakers. They can probably help you. I will send it to you in a day or so.
Layne Audio sells replacements and also has a ribbon tweeter upgrade. The URL is:

I have not done any biz with them but I will be checking them out soon for my DQ-10's.

Good Luck,