Tweeter for ADS L620's

A friend's tweeter on his L620's recently blew. Any ideas on where we can find a replacement tweeter or another set of these speakers? The L620's were made in the mid 80's and have a one inch tweeter and ten inch woofer.

These should be all over Ebay, not that uncommon a tweeter. And always try Madisound. And if you haven't tried, you might try ADS, I would not be surprised if they had a few pair, that was a popular loudspeaker and that tweeter was used in a lot of prduct.
If I am not mistaken, this tweeter while marked as ADS in ADS speakers is in reality a Peerless 810665 which is available at Madisound who should be able to confirm this factually. Madisound referred to this tweeter as an "evergreen" among dome tweeters because of its widespread use my many quality speaker manufacturers in its early inception.
I own quite a few ADS speakers, and I can tell you ADS is of no help. Contact Cosmophonic Sound in NY, as they now handle all service work for ADS. Contact Tom. Sorry, I don't have their number handy where I can get to it at the moment.
The first thing to do is the check the fuse on the back of the
speaker - the fuse compartment is near the input terminals-
there's a cover that slides off, revealing the fuse and
often there's a spare included as well!

The tweeter, if it needs replacement will have number on its
back - 206-010X - you;ll need that exact tweeter, not a peerless model, as a replacement if the fuse is good or not present on this particular model.

good Luck!