Tweeter failure in Celestion SL 700s

Both tweeters failed in my 700s BUT not while in use. I just turned system on one day and the tweeters no longer worked. Bass drivers work fine. System was bi-amped, using Adcom 5400 with tweeters. Had played system at fairly high volumes in past with no apparent problem. Any idea as to source of failure? Thanks. Mark

Sorry to hear about your loss. I've coveted the SL700's for over ten years. If I could convince my wife that I really do NEED two pair of main speakers, I'd buy a pair.

On to your problem. Try putting the Adcom 5400 on the woofers. If that works, you know the amp is fine. If you're actively biamping, take the crossover out of the system and use a single amp. If your speakers now work, you know the corssover is to blame. If not, onward and upward.

Finally, I bought my mom a pair of Celestions several years ago. One day one speaker failed. We took it apart and found a loose connection in the crossover. After reheating the connection to melt the solder, everything was wonderful again. As wonderful as they are, we have to face facts, the SL700s are old and may need a bit of TLC.
Thanks alot.

Adcom amp is fine as it works with woofers. Wired woofers terminals to tweeter terminals as you suggest...nothing from tweeters. Have located used tweeters on ebay amazingly enough, and will attempt replacement.

Meantime, took the opportunity to invest in ProAc Response 3s that sound wonderful and, if can get Celestions working, will either sell them or use to create home theater system.