Tweeter damage

Anyone heard damaged tweteers? Do they go lika a fuse, i.e. either they work or are totally corupt? Or can they just be slightly damaged? I send a Dolby Digital signal through analog pre-amp...A VERY unpleasent experience! Read that it could damage my ears as well as my speakers... Grateful for any info! Hans -Sweden (Hence my English)
Hans, have you ruled out interconnect or speaker cables? You might try reversing everything going back to the source. If it is affecting both sides, you might try one speaker in another system.
Hans,or another speaker in your system;either way you will have your ans.
Hans,you could pull the suspecting tweeter and place it in the other speaker.If the poor sound follows then you have a bad tweeter.If not then maybe the crossover is the culprit or maybe your cables,equip.
Thanks, I´ll test all above. =) Hans
Certainly you can damage a tweeter such that it still outputs, but distorts. Been there done that. They warranteed it, but I do admit I really got carried away that time! I think I was playing Dire Straits... Amp On!
To: Bob bundus. What spkr system was that? My question is: if you break a tweeter, is there´s no question about it? Do you always hear it? Thanks, Hans
Hans this was a horn tweeter; was in a Belle Klipsch speaker. I believe it was made by ElectroVoice. It was only slightly damaged & more audible at higher levels, but even at background level it was distorted. I fried the voice coil; it had some shorted windings although it still functioned. Victim of square-wave amp-clipping & completely my own fault. If you don't hear any distortion then your tweeters have probably survived intact.
Bob, you saved my day! =) Thanks!