Tweeks for Thorens TD125/SME 3009

I have owned this combo since 1972, but haven't used it much in the past 10 years. I want to start transferring my LP's to CD and therefore want the table performing at its best. I have it wall mounted. Its got the standard rubber mat that came with the unit. Can anyone suggest upgrades to 1) the mat, 2) record clamp (none now), 3) support ie: "footers"? Any other suggestions?
We used to drop STP onto the bearing/spindle and that would quiet the noise floor.
I've done quite a bit to my TD125, all pretty simple and helpful. I removed the pressboard bottom; this helps remove resonances associated with the base. I installed small brass cones on the 4 corners for feet - very useful. I use TriFlow for the main bearing oil bath, seems to work very well. If you have a dustcover, don't play and record with it down, or even better, remove it completely. I replaced the rubber mat with an old Linn Sondek felt mat. Any replacement mat will be an improvement.

Regarding the SME arm, mount it solidly, use a good cable and enjoy it!

The above are all pretty cheap and help a lot.