Tweeks for the Wadia 850

Anyone know any hot tweaks that work well for a 6 year old Wadia 850?
Any cable recommendations??
Great Northern Sound I believe is the name of the company that is the Wadia specialist.
I think they are widely recognized as the standard.
GNS has a great repuation. I used to own a 850. Try various isolation, I loved a Symposium svelte shelf and rollerblocks. Also a great power cord like the kimber palladian or Trans ref xl.

One final thing, are u using disc treatments like Auric Illuminator? That's cheap and great.
You might consider selling it and upgrading to a newer model... That's what I did. I figured that the resale value is still very reasonable, and you can probably get a very good deal on an 861se (or any other current Wadia player). It's not that the 850 is deficient. It's just that my warped cost/benefit analysis told me to sell now and upgrade with a player still in production.

If you would like to upgrade, consider the GNSC upgrade, the Shunyata Hydra, that new power cord (I'm using Omega Mikro, but haven't auditioned many), and a proper stand/isolation (I'm using one built by Mana).