Tweaks you got rid of because they were not effective (enough)?

There are some audiophiles for whom cost is no object; they buy what they wish and every single tweak and gadget which promises to improve the sound. And the industry is all too happy to produce such tweaks -- often made of expensive materials with elaborate engineering explanations. Those who question the value of these tweaks are frequently accused of being "naysayers" who are either too ignorant or insensate to realize that "everything matters."

Of course, money spent one place cannot be spent elsewhere; expenditures on tweaks take the place of other more central factors affecting the sound. In some cases, those tweaks are worth it; you can hear the difference, and that $400 (or whatever) really could not have improved your speakers or sub or amp, etc.

So, the question here is simple: Which tweak have you tried which, after some experience and reflection, you realized was either *not* effective or not the most effective way to improve your system? 
No disrespect meant to your theories and conclusions, it’s just that you’re correcting a mistake that no one is making, and then going into a lot of detail about ALL the things that are involved. It feels a bit patronizing.
I understand what you say....But it is difficult for me to think you are completely right, because that mistake you say nobody is doing is pervasive in all audio threads...

Who amongst all here , how many knowns by experience, that there is NO comparison at all between an audio system before and after a rightful embeddings installation controls in the 3 dimensions?

I apologize if i seems to patronize, but my reading of audio forums in the last 7 or 8 years to create my audio system, persuade me that the majority of people really think that buying a new piece of electronic equipment is the main way to create audio heaven.....

Nevermind what i just said, i understand that my posts can annoy some and i apologize for that....But the truth is my rant adress a real problem also....It is my only excuse for ranting....

My best regards to you OP....
Well, upon urging from some on this thread, I just lifted my speaker cables off the floor (tile and carpet) using wooden blocks about an inch across and two inches high, four blocks per side. 

I listened, put the blocks under the cables, listened again, took the blocks out, and listened again.  I did not hear any difference.
I have more tweaks than most.
And have been berated for it.
However, my enjoyment has increased in leaps and bounds...

Some have worked well, with observable improvements.
Others, no discernible difference.

@mahgister -- It's all good. Thanks for your nice comment above.

@jerrybj Which tweaks did you get rid of because they made no discernible difference?